Top highlights on George Soros political and charitable contributions

George Soros, a billionaire investor who spent over $27 million in 2004 while trying defeat President George Bush, is rising again as leading boogeyman of conservatives and a Democratic politics Champion funder. According to interviews with his associates and the Federal Election Commission registers, George made over $25 million donations to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic contenders. Even as the Election date gets nearer, George ‘s associates attest that they expect him to give more funds despite the fortune of about $24.9 billion he amassed through risky current trades.

Soros, who have a relationship of over 25 years with Hillary Clinton, had plans to attend the Democratic Convection to watch Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic Presidential nominee’s role. However, a close associate to Soros disclosed that he had to cancel the trip to monitor Europe’s economic situation, as he had returned to active trading. However, close associates say that George is more politically involved than he was in the previous years. The reason behind the close political involvement is the great fear for his Grand of Part rival (GOP) Donald Trump and his great faith in Hillary Clinton’s win. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Michael Vachon, George’s political advisor, says that his boss has been consistently contributing to Democratic issues. However, the political stakes during this political season have been exceptionally alarming. The political stakes started even way back before Donald Trump became a presidential nominee. The political issues were surrounded by the numerous issues President Bush cared most about for numerous years including religious tolerance, immigration reforms, immigration reforms, and criminal justice systems. The huge donation support from Soros to support Clinton has been viewed as a good sign by most Democrats. Other top liberal donors are also donating towards the political move. The donors include Don Sussman, a New York hedge funder who donated $13.2 million, Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban who contributed $13.2 million each, and Tom Seyer who made a contribution of $31 million.

George Soros has also made a $5million commitment to a nonprofit association, according to an associate, which aims at fighting conventional efforts to limit voting. The association, known as Voting Rights Trust, is partly run by Marc Elias who is Clinton’s lawyer. The group is registered under a certain tax code which doesn’t necessitate the need to disclose the donors. Hence, the contributions made by Soros and other donors need not be formally or publicly reported to the state authorities.

In 2004, Soros hinted that he would quit his heavy political giving. Soros focused is charitable attention to his international associations whereby he has contributed over $13 billion over the last thirty years. The foundations mainly focus on shaping democratic processes and defending human rights in Eastern Europe and improving access to healthcare and education in the United States and globally. Learn more on about George Soros.

End Citizens United, received a $500 check this year which is the maximum George Soros would legally give to the group. The group supports candidates that pledge to support financial campaign reforms. Soros also made a donation to Every Choice.

The LRIS & Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of and a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He’s practiced in the state New York for over a decade. He holds several college degrees, including a J.D. from NYU School of Law, a B.A. from Cornell, and an M.S. from the University of Chicago.

Once he started his law firm, he focused on compensation and corporate governance matters. He’s renowned as one of the foremost experts on the subject. He’s written several articles about corporate governance and executive compensation issues for numerous publications. He’s also spoken at dozens of legal conventions and conferences about the same subject.

The New York State Bar Association, founded in 1876, is the largest voluntary start bar association in America. It has over 72,000 members working to mitigate the legal help complexities. Along with one of its trusted associate organizations, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), it’s created a new, more convenient way for New Yorkers to find legal help.

The LRIS recently trained all its staff members to handle more than 10,000 calls a day. Additionally, the LRIS launched a new online portal that does the same thing the phone service does, only in a more convenient and confidential manner.

Anyone seeking legal advice or assistance simply visits The first step is filling out a confidential questionnaire; the questionnaire asks for details about their legal needs and their location. The next step is matching that questionnaire with a qualified attorney. A state bar staff member reviews the questionnaire and decides which type of lawyer that individual’s needs.

They’re matched with lawyers in or near their community. All referrals are free, but the first 30-minute consultation starts at $35. There are exceptions for more serious cases.


For more details, please visit


Fabletics – Why Does Kate Hudson Work Hard With The Team?

Many people have grown to love what JustFab and TechStyle have done for the fashion industry. The idea behind it was genius and gave women what they wanted from one specific online presence that made it so easy to find what was needed. Through the power of the success found in those brands, Fabletics was built to give women activewear. They decided to partner up with Kate Hudson to build the foundation of this brand, and she loves and enjoys every aspect of working with the entire team behind Fabletics. The Fabletics is here to give you a much needed sense of help to get you going in the right direction.


Fabletics is going to open up several stores throughout the nation to give women a more intimate feel with what the site offers. The Fabletics is going to help provide people with solutions and opportunities on getting the activewear that they want in one specific location. There is no need to go to different activewear stores or shops to find what you want and needed. The stores will let women try on clothes and even buy the products later on through an online cart system so they could try it on and buy it later.


Her Secrets To Success


Her main secret to creating such a successful online community store is the fact that she worked on all areas of the brand. in fact, she did more than just look good for the website to make the brand look appealing. She is forever working with the company and how they operate. Things like website design, product merchandising, and handling product development is all a part of what she does for Fabletics. She also created an online video of her talking promoting the company at some point. Because she does have quite the celebrity status, she continues to use that to raise awareness for the brand.


Just recently, she brought Demi Lovato into the industry and provided her with a great campaign. The campaign is focused on young girls and empowering them to becoming a better them. It was such a great thing to witness because the campaign is indeed becoming a success and will continue for awhile now. Demi is proud to partner up with Fabletics because has gone through struggles before and this is another platform for her to help others and be the guiding light they all want to see.

A Look At Julia Jackson’s Success As A Wine Brand Spokesperson

Julia Jackson is the spokesperson for her family’s company, Jackson Family Wines. Their field and winery are located at the Cambria Estate Winery situated in Sonoma. She attended Scripps College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. In order to prepare for her upcoming role as the spokesperson, Julia earned a certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Julia is one of three daughters in the family and is the daughter of Jess Jackson who was a veteran of the wine industry. They have classic brands of wine that is sold across the United States. Julia has said that their company is in the wine business for the long haul so they don’t chase fleeting trends or try to appeal to some specific target demographic, Instead, they offer brands of wine that are timeless with broad appeal. Their company was founded in 1987 and today is headed by her mother.

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Recently, Julia Jackson pointed out that the best Cabernet’s come from Sonoma wine country. Her company offers three brands of wine that has been a hit with wine critics and includes La Joie, Le Désir, and La Joie. Each is a type of Cabernet with different blends and flavor profiles. She said that Sonoma wine is increasingly getting a reputation for offering solid wine choices that appeal to wine drinkers.

As a way in which to give back to the community, Julia established Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This organization gives out $100,000 in donations annually to nonprofits which are inspired by women who have overcome enormous hardships in their lives. Julia has said that in her opinion there are few quality female role models in media which she seeks to overcome through her charity. She also wants to change how male dominated the business world is, including in the world of wine.

Avaaz, Global Activism Re-visioned

It seems that activism is everywhere, what with the advent of social media heralding a new era of collective consciousness and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram giving users a whole new and unforeseen level of connectivity. But even still there are very few popular online platforms that are dedicated, exclusively, to activist efforts – that is the niche which the wildly successful Avaaz has sought to fill.

For those who many not be entirely familiar with the organization, Avaaz is a online, grassroots civic group that is based out of the United States of America. They seek to champion world shaping issues such as climate change, global warming, human and animal rights as well as efforts such as wealth disparity and large-scale political corruption. The group was launched first in 2007 by Ricken Patel, a dual citizen of Canada and Britain who studied politics, economics and philosophy at Oxford. Much of the what Avaaz aims to do comes from Mr. Patel’s life experiences – for instance, Patel, after graduating from college, extensively traveled the world and lived for a time in such places as Libya, Sudan and Afghanistan where he helped local activist efforts connect with other larger organizations such as the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the ICTJ (International Center for Transitional Justice) as well as CARE International.

In many ways, Avaaz is simply a extension of Mr. Patel’s efforts in these foreign lands, as the group looks to connect activists, thinkers and patrons to civic efforts from all over the world and help direct and lead impactful social campaigns for positive, world-wide change.

Shopping for Beneful Dog Food at Target

An ideal way to ensure that your dog has all the nutrients it requires is to feed it quality food. Beneful dog food has high nutritional content and comes in the dry and wet variety. It fits the needs of all dogs. Beneful’s dry dog food contains everything that your dog may need on a normal day. It’s packed in big bags containing different servings. It’s up to you to find the right type of dry dog food for your dog. Conversely, Beneful wet dog food contains natural and healthy ingredients. When you serve it to your dog, you can notice pieces of real vegetables and meat in the bowl. Beneful uses various cuts of meats in its dishes, including chicken and turkey.

Beneful dog food is available at Target. They stock Beneful wet food as well as Beneful dry food. The price for this dog food depends on the type you want. Here’s a list of some Beneful dog foods you can find at Target:

  • Beneful Healthy Weight Beneful Originals
  • BenefulIncrediBites (Chicken)
  • Beneful Healthy Puppy
  • Beneful Prepared Meals
  • Beneful Grain Free Dry Food

Those are just a few of the different types of dog food at Target. Target has over 40 varieties of this brand of dog food.The most popular Beneful dry food flavor at Target is a mixture of beef, peas, and carrot. This is the flavor in Beneful Originals (With Real Beef), which is the one of the best-selling dog food at Target.Dogs love treats. Target carries different varieties of Beneful dog treats. These include Beneful Break-N-Bites, Beneful Baked Snackers, Beneful Healthy Smile and Beneful Baked Delights.

Coupons are a great way to save some cash when purchasing dog food. You can find Beneful coupons for at Target’s website in the coupon section. Enter the word “Beneful” in the search box to find the coupons quickly.

The Traveling Vineyard: Fulfillment In Wine

The Traveling Vineyard isn’t a mobile vineyard in the literal sense. It started in 2001 with the goal of making wine tastings a little less formal and a lot more fun. With this vision the dream took shape. The company long since surpassed 1000 Wine Guides in over 40 states and is quickly growing and expanding.

The Traveling Vineyard is in fact an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that mainly sells wine. In essence, it also sells experiences. For you to start earning with the company, you have to first join the company and become a wine guide. As a wine guide you host wine tasting parties and get paid from the sales made during the parties. One also gets paid up to 35% as a marketing fee for the personally generated orders. Payments are made thrice a month on set days.

The Traveling Vineyard has great earning potential and helps hone Entrepreneurial skills as well as develop personal fulfillment. All you need to start is $189 for a success kit which includes wine glasses, carrying case, wine accessories, marketing materials, website and 10 bottles of wine!

It’s interesting because other than making money off of sales, you also get to learn more about wine and have fun meeting new people and organizing the wine tasting events. Many wine guides have highlighted the importance of the networking that Traveling Vineyard has given them. Friendships have been formed and deals have been struck by virtue of meeting a diverse group of people. Time flexibility is also a plus for the Traveling Vineyard because you get to work when you want to. There are those who do it full time, others do it part time while some once in a while. This flexibility is extremely convenient especially for those who have other obligations to focus on.

Hussain Sajwani – Taking Damac Properties Global With His Business Expertise And Vision

Hussain Sajwani is the name to reckon with in the field of real estate development in the United Arab Emirates. He is one of the most successful businessmen and the chairman and founder of Damac Properties, a company that played a crucial role in the real estate and infrastructure development of Dubai and other parts of UAE.

Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington and graduated with bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. Over the years, Damac Properties has constructed some of the most famous landmark buildings in UAE and the other main cities in the Middle East, the UK and parts of Europe and Asia, such as in London, Beirut, Jeddah, Oman, Doha, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, and more. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

Damac Properties work closely with Trump Organization on many different projects, including the luxury housing project in Dubai with international golf courses that would be managed by Trump’s real estate firm. The families of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump know each other well and are often seen dining together at the main cities across the globe at various international events.

The partnership of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani goes long back, way before Trump was announced the U.S. President. Damac Properties is known to focus on design and luxury aspects of the projects it handles, and it is because of this, most of the out-of-the-box projects in the UAE are developed by Hussain’s real estate firm.

Hussain after finding success in the catering and support services started Damac Properties after returning to Dubai. He discovered that the real estate development scene in Dubai is not yet fully developed, but has a lot of potentials.

It is for this reason he bought a land in the suburbs of Dubai, designed a luxury residential project, marketed it to the wealthy and affluent society of the UAE, and managed to sell off the project completely within six months. It is what marked the beginning of Damac Properties.

The net worth of Hussain Sajwani Family is approximately around $3.8 billion, and he is the third richest person in the UAE. Damac Properties continues to contribute to the infrastructure development of the UAE.

Securus Technologies Takes Home The Gold!

Securus Technologies a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions took home the Gold at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards Ceremonies held February 24, 2017, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Securus Technologies was nominated for the Stevie Award category “Sales and Customer Service Training Team of the Year” among competitors of various other types of industry competitors. Recipients of this award are honored with global recognition for excellence in delivering an effectual customer service training performance.


The Stevie Awards for sales and customer service is open to all organizations worldwide. As the recipient of the Gold Stevie Awards, Securus has demonstrated that they earned top honors among over 2000 other nominees from all over the globe. Many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators comprised the panel of over 75 judges that determined the winners this year.

Receiving the Gold Stevie Awards marks another great achievement for Securus Technologies. Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies stated, “It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service.” When customers contact customer service they want a customer service representative who is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient and has an empathetic ear. The customer service training team at Securus Technologies recognized the importance of these principles and was mindful to incorporate them when developing training materials and methods. When customers know, you care about their concerns and will work hard to resolve their issues it can make a big difference for both the customer and the business. “I’m glad to say that it has worked and that we’re seeing the best customer satisfaction, Net Promoter, and first call resolution scores in our history,” de Hoyos said.

UKV PLC Wines – Extraordinary Fine Wines

UKV PLC Wines is a UK based vintner. A vintner is basically a term used for wine merchants, or people and companies that specialize in searching for and acquiring the most vintage and exquisite wines and selling them to wine enthusiasts and collectors.

UKV PLC Wines is thus involved in this process, collecting wine from vineyards in Spain, Italy and France and presenting their clients with Grade Luxury Fine Wine and Champagne. They also have a team of wine experts who offer their clients professional advice on the most exquisite wine and champagne labels, directing them to make the best purchases from the company.

Collected from vineyards in Spain, France and Italy, UKV PLC Wines presents its clients with a wide variety of the most exquisite vintage wine and champagne brands in the world. Some of the brands sold at UKV PLC Wines include Chateau Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, Latour and Chateau Haut-Brion among many others.

UKV PLC Wines has a solid social media presence with ninety followers on Twitter and 625 followers on Instagram. Being a vintage wine and champagne company, it appeals to a very specific group of wine drinkers.

Buying wine and champagne from UKV PLC has the benefit of presenting the clients with the most exquisite Grade Luxury Fine Wine and Champagne in the market. Clients also benefit from gaining professional advice from the most knowledgeable wine consultants who offer them invaluable wine education.

Becoming a member at UKV PLC Wines guarantees that you can purchase wines and champagnes at discounted prices. You also get the advantage of being the first to know when new vintage wine bottles are discovered before they are advertised and sold away.