Kevin Seawright Seeks To Empower Youth While Boosting Economic Development In The Community

In an attempt to raise college graduation rates and assist local students, Newark, NJ is offering a program that will aid these younger residents in their efforts to find temporary employment during the summer months. The program is being offered through a partnership between NewarkWorks and The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CDEC). The CFO of Newark CDEC, Kevin Seawright, is one of the notable citizens in the area who is bringing his own unique skills to this partnership.

The endeavor, known as The Summer Youth Employment Plan, encourages students to apply online for its program. Once accepted, these students will get much more than just a paycheck. Seawright has used his own connections to involve community banks with the program, making it possible for the students to get assistance with financial planning. This will not only benefit them during the summer, but is knowledge they can take with them throughout their lives.

Seawright stated from Twitter he believes that this program has the power to not only help the students who find work, but will be a benefit to the entire community. It is the type of economic development his company, Newark CDEC, has often sought. After joining the company in 2015, Seawright began to immediately work to help improve the financial climate in Newark. His extensive financial background and experience with rejuvenating local economies has provided him with a number of skills and valuable contacts to make it possible for the community to experience great improvement.

Seawright has always been a visionary and a professional who not only met goals, but has consistently exceeded them. It is his belief that this year, the Summer Youth Employment Plan will be one of the goals that far exceeds expectations. Approximately 3,500 students will have the opportunity to receive employment, get valuable job training and be offered motivational lectures and programs to help them prepare for college. As Newark is able to encourage its youngest residents to achieve more, it is hoped that these students will return the favor to the generations that come after them. This will make the program a success that will be appreciated far into the future.  Check out LocalTalkNews’ interview with Kevin for further.

Giving To Education: Keith Mann

Business Wire, from Berkshire Hathaway, he released an article about recent donations from Keith Mann. The article discussed his new scholarship fund for the Uncommon School in Brooklyn, New York. The scholarship is for 5 thousand dollars and is available to any graduating senior. Teachers are thrilled about the new opportunity that the students will have with this scholarship. Most students who graduate struggle to afford tuition for college. This will be an enormous help with all of the expenses involved in going to college. Mann strongly believes in education and how powerful it can be in bringing individuals out of poverty.

One of the requirements for the scholarship is that each applying student must write an essay that is 1 thousand words long and explains how they think their future profession might benefit from a college education. The article explained that the main reason Keith decided to partner with Uncommon Schools is that he can see how the school does everything in its power to prepare low income students for their future, with the hopes that the students will be able to use these tools to escape the cycle of poverty. The school also takes great pride in preparing their students for college so that they have the best chance of succeeding.

Keith Mann is a cofounder of a firm that helps to identify executives and other potential employees for various firms. Most of the firms that Mann and his company work with are in investments and hedge funds. The company was founded in 2001 and has seen lots of success. They are known for having an enormous database of executives in the United States and this database is really the key to their success. The company is called the Dynamics Search Partners and it is a branch of the firm that Mann previously worked out, Dynamic Associates. Mann had worked his entire career at the company, starting in alternative investments and working his way up to vice president. It was then that Mann took the opportunity to pursue the executive services.

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Video Marketing Can Increase Profits

The worldwide web has become a huge place where consumers can become overwhelm with large amounts of information. This may cause the consumer to become inattentive to the information that they receive. It is an establish fact that video email is definitely a way to keep the attention of an audience. According to a study by the Relevancy Group, including videos in email marketing campaigns can increase income by 40%, open rate by 20% and click through rate up to 2-3 times. Increase your Income with video marketing and grow your business.

One of the largest online video content provider in the world is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a video communication service that has transformed the field of communication. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion offers video email and other services that are designed to improve communication for personal as well as business use. Their products offer the newest cutting edge technology at reasonable prices as well as an income opportunity for individual who would like to market the product and make money.

Talk Fusion offers a large selection of products that will allow anyone to communicate and grow their business. Some of the products includes: video email that includes a 1000 ready made template in multiple languages, video chant that will allow you with just one click to chat with four people in real time, and a video newsletter to present news and information in a new and appealing way.

Anyone wishing to make an income online can do so with Talk Fusion by selling their digital communication products. No sale experience is needed, set your own hours, get pay instantly, and receive live and recorded training by experience leaders.

Talk Fusion is truly the wave of the future. Its video products will allows anyone to communication instantly with anyone in the world and it income opportunity will give an individual an opportunity to start their own business and make money

Handy Founder Speaks About Growth In Market

My family lives in a large household. It’s my wife, my daughter, my son, two dogs and myself under one roof. We are a rather clean group of people, but there’s only so much cleaning that we can do if we are going to take care of the kids, take care of the dogs, and take care of the bills. We had to look some place else in order to get our home cleaned. We tried going to the phone book, and we looked online. The companies we found were difficult to deal with. Then, we found out about Handy’s services for booking professional cleaners and repair men.

Handy is the most convenient way to get your home cleaned because you will be able to look through a directory of qualified applicants who are professional and who have been screened already by Handy. It gives us a lot of confidence in bringing a new person into our home because they have been screen already by Handy. The company has rigorous standards for who they work with. They only bring in the most trusted professionals in the home cleaning and repair services businesses. When you use Handy you will feel confident having the abilities to make secure payments as well.

Handy is growing and expanding their model because it has been so successful since it was first launched. One of the founder speaks about their successes and expansion efforts in an interview with The Next Web. Apparently, the company gained $50 million in 2015, and they are now worth a total of approximately $500 million, so it is easy to see that this company is going somewhere with their efforts to bring home services to everyone. Here’s the article from The Next Web‘s website.

Why Beneful Is The Best Choice of Foods For Your Pet Dog

Are you a current dog owner who is unsure about which steps you should take to ensure that you are positioning your pet in the best state of health, happiness and well-being? Unfortunately, there are a vast array of pet owners who do not necessarily know where to begin when it comes to taking care of their pets. Why not make the right investment choices for taking care of your pet dog beginning today? You will benefit by having your pet around for a lot longer than you would have had you not made the right decisions when it comes to investing in the right pet products.

Although there are a myriad of pet products available for purchase in today’s competitive markets, there are obviously some that are more important than others. Among these important investments a dog owner should invest in for lengthening and strengthening the quality of their dog’s life is none other than the ultimate staple of all, dog food! Which choices should a dog owner make when it comes to purchasing dog foods? There may be no better option available on Wal-Mart today than Beneful. The Purina Beneful brand is one that has been around in the markets for quite a long time. For as long as the company has served the needs of pet owners and their beloved pets, they have been reputed as being a great option as far as practicality in pricing and quality goes.

Beneful is a wonderful dog food option because it contains some of the most important and essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for dogs to live a healthy and happy life. Therefore, by choosing the Beneful brand, a pet owner can have a tremendous amount of comfort in knowing that their pet is going to be with them for as long as they were meant to. Beneful offers its flavors in a multitude of flavors, assuring owners that their dogs will not become too bored of being fed the same options of food each and every time. That’s right; just like humans, dogs too can get bored of the same foods being served to them on a consistent basis.


Highland Capital Management Is Investing In Argentina And For A Good Reason

When Argentina was brought up in investment conversations over the last fifteen years, most investors would shake their heads and move on to the next topic. Argentina was an economic mess. Gross domestic product growth was a dismal -5.8 percent, and the government was making choices that infuriated investors that had billions tied up in bonds. Some of investors sued Argentina in U.S. Court, but that didn’t help them get their money or satisfaction, according to the President of Highland Capital Management, James  Dondero. Dondero knew Argentina’s economic and financial history, and, like other hedge fund managers, he was skeptical that any investor was going to make money fooling around with Argentina’s debt.

But something happened in 2014 that changed Dondero’s mind about Argentina. He realized that a non-Peronist candidate had a chance of being elected in 2015, so Dondero decided to buy about $4 billion worth of Argentina’s debt. When Dondero was interviewed by after Highland Capital made that investment, he said Argentina was going to surprise a lot of people over the next five years.

Jim Dondero has made a lot of investments over the years that have surprised people. Most of those investments have made money for his limited partners. Highland Capital Management has more than $19 billion in assets under management and those assets range from oil stocks to consumer-driven stocks. James Dondero also invests in emerging markets and even though Argentina wasn’t considered an emerging market before 2015, Dondero thinks the title fits the country now.
Argentina is still billions of dollars in debt, but bundling bonds and offering returns of almost 10 percent is a good way to reduce that debt, according to Jim Dondero. Dondero told that several hedge fund managers are setting up Argentinian funds because Macri has the potential to make things happen in the fourth largest economy in Latin America. His economic package is not going to work overnight, but Dondero is confident that his investment in secure.
Investing in Argentina may sound like a foolish thing to do, but hedge fund managers don’t usually do make foolish investments. Hedge Fund investments may look foolish to people that don’t know all the details, but Jim Dondero makes sure he knows what to expect before he invests. The Argentina story is just beginning under Macri, and Dondero thinks this new Argentine government will produce great dividends for his investors.

Koch Brothers Embarking On Family Personalized Investments

Koch brothers have overtime concentrated on the success of Koch industries but have now shifted to the 1888 LLC road. The brothers who in total are worth $100 billion have established a firm for personal investments. The overseer of the investment is Trent my who joined the Koch in 2011, the actual amount of the investment is not clear but with the importance of the figure 1888, it could be more than $2 billion. 1888 LLC has been operational around the Koch industries but is now registered to do business in Florida, Kansas and California. The focus of Trent in this investment is a direct investment, a telecommunication company, and also has an interest in a Seattle-based company.

1888 is somehow very significant as a family office it has seven managers and three chief executives also three family members who are David Koch, Charles Koch and Elizabeth Koch. The family office most definitely will be a house of conservatism just like the Koch family who are in the list of wealthy conservatism that support Republicans in political campaigns. In 1888 LLC, the Koch brothers also include non-family members in the board membership. May has experience in hedge fund management as he was running his hedge fund called Deer Creek capital partners. The family office most probably will also invest in real estate and handle tax issues an aspect common in many family offices.

Charles Koch has been an advocate of lower taxes and a pusher of lesser regulations by the government. He also has for a long tie advocated for reformation in the criminal justice system as a solution to inequalities eminent in America. Apparently he is of the opinion that the government has made the economy of the United States worse than what it was in the 1930s. Koch has not been in the limelight for long until he saw the need to participate in politics through funding to help push for policies favoring the lives of middle-income earners. He also wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington post, and his recent one was supporting Bernie Sanders on the state of inequality in America. In this case, Koch thinks that politicians and wealthy business investors are liable to the poverty and poor livelihoods by pushing of policies that favor only their interests.

U.S. Money Reserve Is The Top Home To Gold Coins


Philip N. Diehl became the President of U.S. Money Reserve after having run the U.S. Mint as its Director. Needless to say, Diehl has long proved he is an expert in the world of coins. On the EPN podcast channel, Diehl discussed gold coin investing. In addition to discussing his biography at length, Diehl revealed by investing in gold coins is so popular among so many.

Following the direction of others guides the decisions of people interested in investing their money. News reports about possible declines in the stock market along with the potential devaluation of currencies lead many who seek alternative investment strategies. Gold remains a solid option many explore. Some have put tremendous amounts of capital into gold vehicles. These speculators are not alone. Diehl points out banks and world governments are buying up a lot of gold. The “average person” with a small amount of capital to invest sees these movements and feels they are wise to mimic.

One thing is worth noting here. Regardless of the motivation behind an investment strategy, that strategy has to be a wise approach. Philip Diehl does present numerous reasons why gold coins are smart acquisitions. For one, coins are legal tender provided they are minted by a legitimate entity. The bulk of the coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve are made by the United States Mint. It goes without saying this would indicate the gold coins are definitely legitimate.

Sadly, a number of investors have been duped by counterfeiters. It is easier to fool someone with bars and bullion. Testing the purity level is the only way to determine the legitimacy of those assets. With legal tender, ascertaining whether or not the items or real requires very little effort.

The entire interview with Diehl is very enlightening. All those thinking about putting some money in gold coins should listen to the recording.

Coriant Markets mTera Universal Transport Platform After Successfully Completing the MEF Certification

Coriant, one of the leading providers of networking technology solutions worldwide successfully completed MEF 100G CE 2.0 certification for the mTera Universal Transport Platform in November 2015. A Coriant press release stated that the company was one of first vendors that was certified to market 100G CE products with complaint support. The certification centers on point-to-point services for e-line & e-access, performance, and profile bandwidth. mTera UTP was showcased in Anaheim, California on March 22nd through March 24th, 2016 at the OFC exhibition. The company also demonstrated the following solutions; DCI & Optical Packet, hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport, 7090 Packet Transport, and the 7100 Packet Optional Transport.


The portfolio of Coriant is very impressive with an enhancement to service and product solutions. Coriant now holds certifications for the mTera UTP, 7100 Packet Optical Transport and the 7090 Packet Transport platforms. Director of Product Line Management of Coriant, Brian Nagle said that mTera Universal Transport Certification supports high speeds, productivity, and trustworthy performance. He said, “mTera UTP Certification is another milestone that underscores the company’s commitment to industry standards and leadership in end-to-end packet and CE 2.0 solutions.″ mTera is a powerhouse system that consists of packet and OTN switch capabilities and ROAD optical layer.


He graduated from Cornell University, receiving a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. He was born in London and relocated to the U.S. for higher education in engineering. From 1987 until 2015, Kheradpir worked for GTE, Verizon, and Juniper Networks. Juniper was the last company he worked for before accepting the position at Coriant.


mTera Universal Transport is an added certification solution ready for the markets in the United States, Asia and other countries. CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir will lead the Coriant Team with knowledge of global markets, marketing strategies, and technology. He has nearly 29 years of experience in financial services, engineering, telecommunications, and networking solution industries. The 2016 OFC Exhibit was the stepping stone for the mTera UTP to enter national and international markets.

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Out With The Spots, In With The Stripes

Tommy Hilfiger, Max Mara, Prada and Dior. These are just a few of the big name designers in the fashion industry who have painted the landscape for the latest fashion trend. Stripes. No matter the size nor the color, stripes have been making waves this year and you need to get in on the action.

According to polls from the 2016 summer/ spring fashion shows, stripes will soon leave their mark in stores everywhere. Stella McCartney, a favorite among the red carpet and fashion news everywhere, has also stamped her mark on the striped plain. Her spot-on style is expressed in the form of asymmetric strips in beautiful, eye-popping colors. Check out the highlights of the spring fashion shows at InStyle and be ready to take some notes.
Fashion pieces from the likes of Dior and Prada, draw a hefty price and may be out of reach for most women, even with the help of overtime. However, a devoted servant of all things fashion wouldn’t let the potential cost of a runway worthy outfit deter them from striped glory. No. They would find a way to rock the designer looks without sacrificing their entire paycheck. That’s exactly what you will get with JustFab.

JustFab keeps up with all the latest styles from the runways and serves up affordable threads for the fashionista on a budget. You’ll fall in love with their Aztec Print Maxi. It’s just the dress to have you feeling like a hottie while out on the town with that special someone. If you’re feeling a bit leggy, the Striped Tank Dress is sure to please and will keep you cute and cool for spring. For those cool spring nights, throw on a denim jacket and sport a whole new look, just like that.

What’s so amazing about JustFab is that they’re not just about clothes. They also have a wide variety of jewelry and handbags to pair perfectly with any number of the options on their website.

Be sure to pick out a couple shoes with their buy one get one free exclusive deal with VIP membership. When you subscribe to JustFab, you’re not only getting a delightful selection of jewelry, shoes and handbags, you are also getting access to celebrity stylists to ensure you’ll always look your very best. Check out JustFab today to stay on trend and strut your stuff like they do on the runway.