Thor Halvorssen Fights Against Oppression

Thor Halvorssen is the most outspoken fighter against oppression in the world today, and he is using his influence to help get the media on his side. He knows that a lot of news stories are going to help people get educated about tyrants and other bad governments around the world. The worst governments in the world today are being exposed by Thor Halvorssen through his work with the Human Rights Foundation, and he is trying to help everyone in the world understand what it is about these governments that is so bad. A lot of people do not realize how bad conditions are, and they are going to learn when they read or listen to him.

Thor Halvorssen is very familiar with human rights work because he has spent his whole life on it. He knows that people are not aware of every tyrannical government in the world, but he wants to create news stories so that people do not miss out on the information that they need. People who did not know about these governments today will be able to learn about them tomorrow from Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation. He will teach everyone what they need about current events, and he will keep talking about it until the problems have been solved.

There are a lot of things for people to learn from an icon like Thor Halvorssen, and Thor Halvorssen is going to make it easy for people to understand the dire situations that are happening around the world. There is a lot for people to learn so that they are not left in the dark, and Thor Halvorssen is the best place to find this information. Thor Halvorssen is going to keep pushing for changes around the world that are better for everyone, and he is going to be very forceful in his speech so that no one misses out. There are a lot of people who are going to need to learn about oppressive governments, and they can check out the Human Rights Foundation to find the information they need about each country.

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Open Society Foundations Are Helping Those In Need Globally

In a recent article posted on Raw Story, a failed prank was exposed by the prankster. Conservative activist James O’Keefe attempted to do the Open Society Foundation. He left a voicemail to Dana Geraghty, which is the head of human resources. In his voicemail, he stated that he would like to get involved in aiding the company in fighting for their European values. Unfortunately, the prankster forgot to hang up the phone while he thoroughly explained his plan to infant infiltrate the company. The email and call were forwarded to the companies president. They would be prankster inadvertently also relate his LinkedIn account information to the HR representative.
Read the full article on BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Open Society Foundations were created by billionaire George Soros. The mission of Open Society Foundations is to build democracies that are accountable and treat their citizens fairly. Open Society Foundation also helps countries to transition from communism two working democracy. The Open Society foundations were created in 1979 and continued to carry out their work to conquer the world struggle and create a brighter hope for the future. George Soros began to start pursuing his desire to improve societies in countries were in need of replacing their authoritarian government. He set up his hungry foundation in 1984. He also began supporting scholarships for black students that would otherwise never be able to attend college. George Soros contributed to the democratic governments that were emerging out of the defunct Soviet Empire. Not only does open Society foundations help to transition to democracy but they also find many different programs such as education public health and business development. Over the last three decades, 13 billion dollars has been over the last three decades 13 billion dollars has been inserted into the Open Societies Foundation to carry out there work around the world. To help train a new breed of Economic and political leaders, George Soros created Central European University. He opened it in 1991, And it is used to research policies and analyze tactics that promote open Democratic societies. In 1993, the foundations began to provide humanitarian Aid and relief to war-torn countries such as Yugoslavia and say hello. Tens of millions of dollars were used to help these countries recover and to help its people get through their toughest times. Cruise help to connect electricity lines cruise help to connect power lines gas lines and provide clean drinking water to people in this region. This philanthropy is just an example of a few of the ways that open Society foundations have contributed to the needs of individuals around the world.

Skout Travel Gives You Another Reason to Love Skout

There are some apps in the social media world that break out as the “app to watch” on various websites that review apps. These apps may have appealed to customers in a big way at one time, but many of these apps lose the spark that once attracted customers. People become tired of the limited features. The app fails to introduce anything new. Customers take notice of this and delete the apps from their tablets and phones. Skout Travel inches towards keeping the users that have downloaded the app by doing something different. This company has introduced Skout Travel, and this has become the feature that is even luring more new customers.

It has become a very interesting thing for users of Skout to get to see a different world through a virtual tours without spending large sums to travel. It is primarily women that are using the virtual travel feature, but this is bound to change as more people start to learn about the app.

Skout Travel has managed to become the type of app feature that lures people that have never even heard of Skout before. More importantly, this is an app that has also kept people that may have considered deleting their Skout app. These are the type of app enhancements that keep people interested when they would probably turn away from a particular app. It is not uncommon for app lovers to roam to another app when they get tired of one.

What Skout has managed to do is include so many different types of features that it would be difficult to find all of these things somewhere else. Skout has certainly made a great impression on the masses of people that are using it because there are travel features, dating options and network opportunities. This is the app that has been presented as something that is easy to use, and it has many things that can keep users engaged. That is why people may delete other apps from their phones, but they hold tight to Skout because they like what this app provides.

Skout has manage to grow quickly as something that is new and innovative. Over 10 million people have decided to take virtual tours, and that is just one example of how Skout has stayed on the cutting edge of technology. What Skout developers hope to do is keep registered the users happy.

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John Goullet’s Diversant Company Helps Hundreds Find IT Jobs

Let’s face it: job hunting can be tough. It can especially be tough if you are trying to find a job in a competitive field, such as IT. You do not have to worry though because the experts at Diversant can help you find an IT career that not only fits your needs, but that you love as well. Diversant is a company that helps place you in the right environment. They look at all of your qualifications and capabilities before presenting it to their clients. Diversant does not believe in altering your resume to fit the company’s needs, but rather find a company that will work with your skills and capabilities.

John Goullet, Principal Executive of Diversant, believes in looking beyond the resume when it comes to seeking out a job. Having worked as an IT consultant himself, he understands the struggles when it comes to finding an IT job. John is knowledgeable when it comes to market trends in the IT sector. Before Diversant came about, he founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company, which helped Fortune 500 companies find solutions. This company became a huge success after only five years and earned a top 10 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing privately-held firms in the United States. With a growth of $30 million during this time, John eventually merged Info Technologies into what it is known today as Diversant.

John continues his passion to help IT job seekers by finding new ways of facing challenges that develop in the ever-changing IT industry. John is a man you can trust to know what he is talking about. He will stop at nothing to help you find the right IT job you are searching for. He wants you to succeed in your professional career, which is why he developed the idea of starting up his own company. He and the talented people at Diversant will work with each client until they understand everything that needs to be done in order to move forward and get the job they have always wanted. Next time you are looking for an IT job, look no further than Diversant to help guide you.

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Highland Capital, a Leading Investment Firm in Emerging Markets

James Dondero is the founding president of Highland Capital, and he oversees execution of the company investment and operation initiatives. Dondero has vast experience that spans over three decades in Mortgage –securities, derivatives, preferred stocks and common markets, investment grade projects, emerging markets, and leveraged bank loans. Prior founding Highland Capital, Dondero served at Protective life Insurance as the chief investment officer where he helped the company grow from conception to over $2b billion from 1989 to 1993. This was an impressive performance during that time. Dondero also served at American Express from 1985 to 1989 and Morgan Guaranty Trust Company as corporate bond analyst trainee.

James Dondero graduated with a dual major degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. He is also Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Since the founding of Highland Capital, Dondero has been leading in the development of Collateralized Loans obligations (CLO). He is amongst the eeriest pioneer of CLO. Moreover, he has recorded impressive performance in developing strategic solutions in distressed and special situation private equity both for institutional and retail investors.

Highland Capital is now a leading investment firm in global platforms, featuring offices in Singapore, London among other places. The firm has a special focus on emerging markets, natural resources, and long and short equities. Highland Capital has diversified client base that includes corporations, government, foundations, funds of funds, financial institutions, public pension’s plans, endowments, and high net worth individuals.

As of 2015, Highland Capital had approximately $21 billion assets under its management and some of its products including CLO, hedge fund, mutual fund, private equity fund, and separate institutional accounts have received numerous awards over the years. Through great strategies and sound decisions, Mr. Dondero has overcome the challenges of the complex business world and emerged as the one of the most successful business leaders. He has won numerous awards and international recognition over the years including Lipper Award for floating rate opportunities and 5-star Global Allocation Award.

Moreover, his ability to turn every company he serve into successful one has led to his numerous appointments in different boards of directors such as Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, NexBank and CCS Medical, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, American Banknote Corporation and Next Point Residential Trust.

Other than a great career in finance and investment sector, Mr. Dondero is renowned for his active philanthropic work. He has been heavily supporting veteran’s affairs, public policy, and education.

Charles Koch disappointed by GOP candidates

Charles Koch, a conservative billionaire, said that Hillary Clinton could make a better president than GOP candidates. Charles Koch is the CEO and co-owner of Koch Industries along his brother David Koch. According to Bloomberg, the two have mixed web value of approximately $106 billion

In an interview with ABC News, Charles Koch stated that in some ways Bill Clinton was a better president with George W. Bush regarding government growth and spending which was two and a half greater under George Bush than under Clinton.

During the interview, Koch referred to Republican candidates as terrible role models. Koch stated that he would support the Donald Trump or Ted Cruz if they retreat some of their policy proposals that they have made so far. It included Trump proposal to ban all Muslims from United State, and Ted plans to carpet bomb ISIS.

Charles Koch clarified that he is not for Republicans or Democrats, and he cares less about political party. He added that he agrees with George Washington’s view about parties, they became an end in themselves rather than help people improve their lives. According to Koch if Hillary, will have policies that will be more likely to improve people lives compared to Republicans he will be for her.

Koch explained that his decision not to back any candidate so far, due to a direct reaction to the continuous insulting tone of the campaigns. He told candidates that for them to get his endorsement they have to be like Ronald Reagan and they have to compete by improving the quality of lives and not tearing other down.

In the same interview, Koch stated that he had found little praise from the presidential race so far. Koch explained that he frequently return to a frustration due to lack of good-faith debates that focuses on ideas, especially on matters concerning lifting typical workers income and improving the economy. He criticized presidential candidates for not focusing on modern technology that can boost opportunities for beleaguered citizens. With all technologies that are out there, America has most fabulous opportunity to make people lives better in every dimension. However, candidates are concentrating on self-defeating staff, name-calling, and mischaracterizing what other people stand for.

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Andy Wirth Gives 1,000 Percent to Everything to Work and Play

It takes an innovative and energetic outdoorsman to run and promote Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which was formerly the 1964 Olympic Valley. As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that today includes both Squaw Valley and the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Andy Wirth has created a high-quality ski area that is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter
In addition to the title that he holds as CEO, Andy Wirth is also a major contributor to the community of Lake Tahoe. He focuses on improving the area both for tourists and locals, and he recently took the position as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board so that he would have more influence in the decisions that support the community that he loves. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

In the past year, Mr. Wirth played a significant role in the community-wide debate on whether to incorporate Lake Tahoe or not, and he has been a major advocate of having the Clean Power Plan in the Reno area. Andy makes positive improvements for the community where he has spent his life.

Andy Wirth has always been a risk-taker, on the slopes and with other sports. Several years ago, Andy was in an unfortunate skydiving accident where he almost lost his arm after a bad landing. But true to his character, he overcame the pain of having reattachment, and as part of his recovery, he co-founded an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support, which honors Navy SEALs.

Andy attended college at the Colorado State University where he specialized in Hotel and Resort Management, and he has been an asset to the industry. His first job was as a park ranger, but ever since then, Andy has been involved in hotel management. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser

Andy Wirth has worked in every department that a large-scale resort has to make it to CEO. He had fun on the TV show Undercover Boss, and he became a TV star representing himself, CEO of Squaw Valley. His ambition and energy are his strengths and he uses them to enhance whatever he touches from his career to his everyday life.

Wen Conditioner: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Have you seen the commercials on QVC for Wen hair care products? If so, you may have been interested in the fact that Wen products are made from natural plant extracts and oils. Wen conditioners and shampoos also promise to give the hair volume and shine, while making your hair healthier. If you’ve been thinking about trying Wen hair but still aren’t quite sure, Bustle’s Emily McClure has tested Sephora’s sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner to help you make your decision.

McClure says that after just one day of using WEN hair conditioner, she felt a difference in her hair–it felt thicker and softer. Emily does warn that it takes lots of conditioner to cover the hair during each washing session, but it’s worth it. She continued using the conditioner for three consecutive days, and saw that her hair was shinier and less frizzy.

On the fourth day of the experiment, Emily was rushing out of the house and didn’t wash her hair that morning. Her hair was still healthy and shiny, but it didn’t hold a curl for very long.

Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was well-moisturized and bouncier by the end of the week, which was another indication that the conditioner was working. Overall, McClure said that she’d recommend purchasing Wen conditioner from Amazon, and using it as well especially for women with naturally thin hair, or women who wash and style their hair every day.

Read FAQ’s here: Launches To Help Students Learn

A recent press release outlined important plans that will be launched by and Alexei Beltyukov in order to launch Beltyukov’s new business idea. Beltyukov is a Russian citizen, philanthropist, and holds degrees in both business and medicine. During his career, he has successfully launched numerous companies. Currently, he serves as the CEO and President of Endemic Capital, a firm he founded in 2013 that offers advisory services in Russia. He is also head of an investment club, Mechanicus Business, as well as an official observer for FORO Energy Enterprise Board of Directors.

His recent press release outlines his plans for This company has recently been ranked as one of the most successful startups in it’s field. The company provides software that creates online assignments for high school students and allows teachers to customize the work in an easy and efficient way that allows for better and more streamlined education.

Beltyukov says the goal of is to enhance how students learn and allow them to learn how to solve mathematical equations in a better and simpler way. The software also helps simplify the work teachers must do by offering a simpler way of monitoring students progress in solving mathematical equations. The software only allows for one answer and an opportunity for students to explain how they arrived at the answer, giving a better understanding of their thinking and helping teachers correct students who are misunderstanding equations.

What sets apart from other software is the diverse way it allows students to solve problems that is similar to the real world, allowing students to approach problems in different ways to arrive at the same answer. Along the way, the program provides hints and feedback to help students better understand how to properly solve equations and better learn methods for solving math problems.  Follow along as Alexei tries to revolutionize the world on Twitter, or check out Mr. Beltyukov’s official website for more information.