EuGenia Shea Helps to Make the World Beautiful

Shea butter has a number of wonderful health benefits for the skin and hair. The moisturizer can deep condition the hair and prevent frizz and breakage. Shea butter is even used as a sunscreen, and can protect the skin from burning and peeling after sun exposure. Shea butter is a natural beauty treatment for stretch marks and blemishes as well, and often works well for individuals with sensitive skin.

Eu’Genia Shea is one of the best shea butter companies in the industry. Its founder, former Wall Street analyst Naa-Sakle Akuete, started the company in honor of her mother, EuGenia. Akuete’s mother is an entrepreneur herself, and runs the company that supplies shea nuts to Eu’Genia Shea.

Eu’Genia Shea is also committed to empowering women. The company works with all-female cooperatives in Ghana to provide job training and above-average pay to the women who harvest the nuts. Many of these women are mothers, and need substantial income to care for their families.

This premier shea butter company provides a number of moisturizers to tend to the skin needs of customers. There’s a dermatologic shea butter for breakouts and dark spots, and a pregnancy formula to help women get rid of stretch marks and uneven skin tone during and after pregnancy. There are plenty of gift sets to choose from as well, with delightful fragrances that are great for the skin and the senses.

Eu’Genia Shea makes a great gift for individuals who want to give their skin natural nourishment while contributing to the worthy cause of empowering women. The company also offers a subscription service, so customers can receive their favorite shea butters on a monthly basis.

Stephen Murray – CCMP Capital CEO and Co-Founder Passes

Stephen Murray was the form CEO and co-founder of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital before he sadly passed away. He had resigned from the position a month earlier due to health related issues. He will be remembered by the company for many years of expertise and excellence as he lead CCMP Capital to become the company it is today.

CCMP Capital is a branch off from JP Morgan and Partners and Mr. Murray has been through each financial company that has led to the ever evolving CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray began his career in the financial industry in 1984. He began studying at Boston College and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. He started working as an analyst and decided he wanted to go back to school to get his Master’s degree.

He graduated with his Master’s degree in 1989 and continued on with his career in the investment industry. Murray is also an active philanthropist and has participated in the Make A Wish Foundation and different Food Banks throughout the area.

CCMP Capital specializes in equity growth and buyout transactions since 1984. There are four different areas that they focus on. They are consumer and retail, industrial, healthcare and chemicals/energy.

They have developed a powerful model and management team that has labeled them a world class investment partner. CCMP Capital actually became an independent firm in 2006 and Stephen Murray became the CEO in 2007. He was an active member and co-founder handling the ingredients that put CCMP Capital into place.

The consumer and retail side of the business has invested around $7.6 billion and has over 31 years of experience in the field. They specialize in conducting businesses such as specialty retail, businesses, mass channel supplies, information services and multi-channel marketing structures. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The industrial sector has invested $4.1 billion and over 29 years of experience involving manufacturing, distribution and all industrial services. Healthcare is something that everyone always needs, and CCMP has invested $1.6 billion into health care companies throughout the world with over 27 years of experience.

They include health care providers and their services, specialty product companies and medical product distributors. The chemicals and energy part of CCMP Capital exhibits investments of $2.6 billion and over 25 years of experience.

They involve chemicals, exploration and production, midstream services, oilfield services and other types of energy and power. CCMP Capital has been dedicated to providing exceptional services for many years, and has a solid foundation to continue to do so.

Makeup Choices From Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere

The cosmetics market is one that offers many possibilities. Any potential customer is faced with a vast array of choices for them to pick from. The feeling can be daunting when a customer is confronted with many varied possible choices. For many people, that choice is made far easier with help from cosmetics company owner Doe Deere. Deere is the founder of one of the most successful of all cosmetics companies. Her online business, Lime Crime, has been able flourish even in the face of fierce changes in the market today. As founder Doe Deere knows, it is important to stand out in a crowd and reach out to all those who wish to work with a company.

Superior Customer Service

Deere prides herself on her ability to offer her customers great customer service. As she points out in a recent article for Galore Magazine, in her line of work, the customer needs to be king. She knows that any customer will not be able to do well in the market unless they have the ability to meet the challenges of a customer driven market. She also knows that it is important to present her customers with the ability to pick from many potential choices that are just right for their makeup needs. Her company is devoted to the ideal that all customers can benefit from having a splash of color in their lives. She offers makeup choices that allow all of her customers to pick which particular makeup might be ideal for them whether they’re going to a ball or just to shop for a weekly grocery run.

Utterly Responsive Consumer Service

In order to help further this goal, Deere has done her best to make sure that the pictures on the Lime Crime site are accurate and reflect the makeup that each of her customers will be able to get once they pick out a specific product. All of the products presented on her site are designed to help her customers express their own feelings and look better in doing so. Deere is not only the creator of Lime Crime. She’s also a customer of her own line who routinely uses the products she sells all of the time. It is this intense devotion to the needs of her customers that she hopes will continue to make Lime Crime a success in the world of selling cosmetics online.

Gently Cleanse and Hydrate Your Hair With Wen

Hair is often put through the ringer when it comes to the products used on hair to clean, hydrate or style it. Chemical style services and chemical filled hair care products have done more harm than good to most people’s hair. These services and hair care products can give the hair a nice style, but they also take away from the hair’s healthiness.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is made to clean and condition the hair without damaging the hair. Chaz Dean is the maker of the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. He chose to pursue the undertaking of creating his very own hair care line after he dealt with far too many salon customers who had damaged hair. He worked hard in the salon to treat hair gently to improve the client’s hair through hair cuts and hair conditioning treatments, but he wanted customers to be able to improve their hair health at home as well. After Chaz Dean took the time to test different hair care formulas and ideas, Wen was “born” to the hair care industry with promises of improving hair quality, hair health and hair appearance.

Recently the website Bustle proved that these promises on QVC commercials of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner are accurate. They decided to create a review of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. A Bustle writer wrote her experience was completely true to the words of Chaz Dean’s statements about the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. Her hair showed improvement in hair health and appearance. The quality of her hair was even improved in just one week of trying out the Sephora  Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. Wen hair products are available on Amazon.

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Dick Devos Is Committed To Promote the Role of Arts in Our Community

The role of art in humanity is fundamental, art foster creativity, beauty, and goodness. It is through art that we express our values. Through art, we build bridges between different cultures. Art brings us together regardless of religion, age, and ethnicity. Art can be regarded as a slave for the ache when times are tough.


Since opening in September 1971, John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts has continued to uphold its vision of presenting the greatest performances and artist from all over the United States and across the world. The Centre has been instrumental in nurturing new talents and young artists and serving America as the leader in arts education.


Each year, the Centre features approximately 3,000-performanc s of unmatched varieties that touch millions of lives. Among performances including orchestral, jazz, folk music, and theatre works. Millions of people visit the Centre each year, in particular, young people involved in different education and community outreach programs.


In recent years, the Centre has expanded its programs to reach to young people throughout the nation. This evidently indicates the Centre commitments to promote arts among young people. Through partnerships with community organizations, the Centre offer complimentary tickets active members of the military and underserved communities. Further, the Centre has been in the forefront to make arts accessible to people with disability through renovations of theatres to reflect models for public accommodation.


Back in 2013, Kennedy Centre’s leadership released an expansion plan of the facility. The project required more than $100 million, which is to be funded through donations. Part of expansion includes construction of riverfront pavilion and a newly designed pedestrian bridge that will link the Centre with the pavilion. The plan also comprises three more pavilions, education space, multipurpose rooms, offices, and rehearsal space.


However, due to an increase in construction cost and strict review of the plan by federal planning agencies the Centre was blown past its fundraising goal by about $50 million. Many would have the thought the project would have collapsed, but thanks to philanthropist such as Dick Devos, who have shown their commitment to promoting arts.


This is not the first time Devos family is contributing to arts. Earlier, they donated 22.5 million to train art leaders across America. Further, Dick along with his wife Betsy founded Devos Institute of Arts Management at Kennedy Centre, where they have committed $2.5 million operation support. It is thrilling seeing people are devoted to promoting the role of arts in our community.
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Wealth Solutions Giving Advice on Finanical Protection

When you think about the potential ability for any individuals out there to jump into the new money making opportunities, everyone wants to join the fray at their first opportunity. With apps coming out all of the time plus the inability for the global economy to take off and maintain any real traction, people are feeling the pressure to make money and things like Uber, Craigslist, and even Airbnb are some of the top methods possible. However, just because there are options to simple and easy cash, it doesn’t mean you need to trust them. You have to consider what you are really giving up and what you are really risking, and when you think about what your overall wealth strategy should be, Wealth Solutions is the top resource.

Wealth Solutions is a simple organization that is based upon one central idea. Regardless of who you are or what you are doing, you have to understand the ramifications of your decisions. There are truly some powerful opportunities out there to grow wealth as well as protect what you have already earned. However, if you aren’t careful with your opportunities and your fortune you could wind up losing it all in no time.

With the leadership of Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions has been able to go from a simple idea and a philosophy about protecting your wealth to being something that is truly putting a name on the map. The important thing to remember about Richard Blair is that he didn’t just come out of nowhere. With experience in and all across the financial services industry he can easily look at a situation and be able to tell you exactly what you need to do without pushing you off to someone else or telling you that he isn’t an expert in the area.

Richard Blair continues to preach to others that while wealth will take a long time and many careful decisions to accumulate, it can be gone in an instant if you fail to plan properly and check all of your exposures. The key for Richard Blair and why he is starting to create such a powerful name with Wealth Solutions is that while others simply tell you what to do and try to preach the way to success, Richard Blair is living it. He practices what he preaches and his experience and first hand knowledge is what has allowed Wealth Solutions to go so far. His program is refined and is certainly tested.

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