ClassDojo Completely Transforms the Way Classrooms Operate

The classroom is definitely changing. In fact, two out of every three classrooms across the United States now use a system known as class dojo. This allows teachers to connect with parents online, through both messaging and videos. That way, parents have an opportunity to see what is happening in the classroom. They also get a first-hand opportunity to see what their children are learning and how well they are progressing in each subject.

It is easy to understand why ClassDojo is so popular. After all, parents used to have to schedule a time to go meet with teachers in order to find out how their children were doing in class. Even then, they only got a very small glimpse of what actually went on in the classroom, as they always had to schedule these appointments when class was not actually occurring. This only gave them a very small glimpse into the very world that their own children were living in most of the time. With ClassDojo, all of that is changing.

As a result, the system has gone viral, largely because parents want to be directly involved with their children’s education. With that being said, it isn’t always possible for parents to be physically in the classroom in order to help out. This is especially true for anyone that has a full-time career and works during most of the same hours that children are attending school. Thanks to ClassDojo, even the busiest of parents who have the most demanding schedules are capable of taking a first-hand approach to what is going on in the classroom. It makes them far more involved in their child’s education and it also gives them an opportunity to see where their child excels and where they might need a little bit of extra help.

The whole idea is to increase cooperation between teachers, parents and the students. Parents can get a live feed into the classroom whenever special events are going on or videos can be sent to parents during regular class times. In addition, teachers can directly message them, thereby making it easier to collaborate with them if there is a problem. When everyone is equally involved, the one who comes out as the clear winner is definitely the child. They have a better opportunity to learn more things and they know that their parents are able to see them even if they can’t be there in person.

How does all this affect everyone in the classroom? It enhances learning and it fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement that empowers students to do the best they can, often taking their studies to a level that they had not previously achieved. That alone is enough to make ClassDojo go viral as it becomes popular in nearly every household with a child.


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JustFab Just Continues to Generate More Revenue

JustFab has turn itself into quite the hip brand of online shopping that women appreciate. The company has developed a sense of style for capturing the news headline with one style of womens shoe selections or another. The company has grown to become one of the best well known brands that have successfully tied the knot which stemmed from two brand concepts. Learn more about JustFab: and

Fabletics and ShoeDazzle are the two concepts that unified JustFab’s fame in a name. The Wall Street Journals wouldn’t even be able to come up with a better ending for two ideas that blended into success. The California based company has grown in a huge way in just a couple of years.

Projections estimate the company will surpass 650 million dollars in generated revenue. From 33 million in funding in 2011 the company has continued to take giant leaps. Some are even considering the company’s 7.2 billion dollar valuation in today’s numbers is disappointingly low for a company that is still growing so fast.

Celebrities have also help to boost the brands image. In 2013 Kimora Simmons, ex-wife of entertainment mogul Russell Simmons, aired “Kimora: House of Fab”. Her efforts pushed the JustFab brand name turned household name overnight on the map in many middle income households. Singer have also been known to design their own luxury brands via JustFab.

Acquiring competition has also been a succeful strategy that JustFab has pulled out of their arsenal. In 2013 JustFab acquired a big chuck of the competition in the marketplace by acquiring the shoe subscriptions service ShoeDazzle, although both companies did continue to operate independent of each other.

Just Fab other notable facts include the company’s ability to grow its subscriber base quickly. From 2011 to 2013 the company grew its membership from 4 million to 10 million by the end of 2013.

Thor Halvorssen’s History of Human Rights Activism

It’s a modern part of mythmaking – the hero, traumatized by something that happened to a loved one, takes up a mantle of duty and vows to strike back. It’s the ur-text for Batman…and it describes how Thor Halvorssen, of the Human Rights Foundation, found his calling.

The Human Rights Foundation, based out of New York, is the world’s leading advocacy platform for dissidents and political prisoners, and it’s brought many of them out of their cells, and their house arrests onto the stage at the Oslo Freedom Forum (which the HRF organizes) so that their words can shatter the complacency that allows repressive dictatorships to thrive. Mind, those words also cause big name donors, like Sergey Brin and others to contribute.

Halvorssen has helped dozens of political prisoners reach the light of day, unfettered and unwatched by the governments that held them. It’s his life’s work. It all started with his father, Thor Halvorssen Sr. In the late 1980s, Halvorssen Sr. was fingered as a conspirator in a string of bombs that went off in Caracas. His accuser, who later recanted and said the police had tortured the confession out of him, was the only evidence presented. Halvorssen was jailed without being charged, and he was tortured and held in a prison infamous for its squalor.

His son, Thor Halvorssen Jr, then a college student at Penn State, took to every avenue he could find – Amnesty International, British MPs, even legendary New York attorney Robert Morgenthau. It took the better part of 80 days, but eventually, his father was released to his family.

Halvorssen’s family hasn’t stayed above the strife – his mother was shot protesting against Hugo Chavez, and Halvorsen has received more than his fair share of physical abuse and broken bones standing up for what he believes in.

What he’s done since then is take his fame, and his background in theater, to shape and organization that’s geared for shining a spotlight into the dark recesses of political prisoners, to interest journalists with the prospect of investigating countries where there is no rule of law, only the fiat power of a dictator.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez Wants To See A Major Change In The Politics

Jose Manuel Gonzalez believes that leaving politicians in charge of politics is a major mistake. Jose worked in the public sector for many years. He now works as a deputy in the National Assembly for the state of Guarico. This role has changed the way that he looks at politics.

Venezuela’s agricultural economy is not doing well. The country produces 300,000 tons of corn and 500,000 tons of rice every year. Venezuela does not have a foreign exchange system for importing goods. This has had an adverse effect on the supply system.

Jose has stated that the National Assembly should be able to clearly see that this is a major problem. Unsuccessful government management is one of the many things that is keeping this problem from being resolved. The government has pointed out the flaws in the current system, but it does not seem to be open to any suggestions.

Jose believes that there needs to be a better balance in the political system and government. He also believes that many of the elected officials have their own personal agenda and want to rule with an iron fist. People are tired of the political parties that have their own personal interests.

Jose thinks that there needs to be a national agreement. The agreement will need to be upheld by parliament. The parliament should also be working towards improving economic growth. Jose believes that once these things are put in place, people will have more trust in the government.

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a successful agricultural businessman. He was the president of FEDECAMARAS, which was a company that was established by successful entrepreneurs. The company represented many industries, including energy, mining, transportation and real estate. Ever since he took the position as deputy of National Assembly of Guarico, he has been committed seeing a positive change in Venezuela. Jose regularly makes appearances on television and discusses the shifts in Venezuela’s economic foundation.

Bernardo Chua, a Leading Member of the Coffee Industry

One of the most popular products to now consume is the product of coffee which has been growing in popularity at an exponential rate for over 500 years ever since trade became a globalized phenomenon. Coffee is currently cheap as well as easily accessible due to the fact that it can be grown all over in many different tropical regions. Consumers love and crave coffee for the bitter taste as well as the boost of energy that the caffeine can provide for those early mornings or for those late afternoons that are spent at the office.

With so many options for coffee, consumers love the variety of coffee that offers different flavors, different temperatures, as well as different textures. With so many brand names popping up, the coffee industry has become increasingly competitive. With this in mind, a new way of drinking coffee as arisen and now offers consumers a healthy options of coffee. This option is Organo Gold which is a company that was founded in 2008 for the purpose of spreading knowledge of healthy living around the world.

As a successful businessman, Bernardo Chua has been honored to accept many awards for his initiatives. In 2014, one of his most notable awards was the Dangal ng Bayan award for both business as well as for industry. This award was presented to him by the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. The consumers nominated Mr. Chua for this award not only for the delicious product, but also for the health supplements that make all consumers feel happier and more focused.

Facebook makes evident that Bernardo Chua centered his entire Organo Gold empire on one special ingredient known as Ganoderma. This product is well known in China as a cure for many ailments. Never before Organo Gold had Ganoderma been sold on a global market. Bernardo Chua has the mission of spreading his various products to all the countries all over the world. With a company that is only eight years old, Bernardo Chua expects even more great things to come for the company with ten more years of being in business.

Speaking Out With The Help Of The Right SEC Whisteblower Lawyer

The world of business today sometimes involves problems. Company officials may not always act ethically. They may engage in actions that may even cause all kinds of problems and even the potential for the death of innocent people. This is why it is imperative that people have the freedom to speak out when possible. Speaking out can help reveal problems with a particular company or even an entire industry where problems are common. However, speaking out can mean that the person doing so pays a serious price for their actions. They may face the possibility of being fired from their jobs and suffering other problems up to an including even legal issues as a result of their choice to reveal such problems.

Getting The Right Legal Assistance

For those who make the hard choice to speak out, they will definitely need legal counsel. Legal counsel can help them protect their interests after coming forward and speaking in public. The decision to do so today is one that is protected under the law. Those in charge of the laws of the United States have wisely chosen to offer both legal protections to those who speak out and offer them fiscal incentives for that brave choice. Working with the right SEC attorney can help the whistleblower get all the legal protections they are entitled to for that choice.

One Firm’s Solutions

The law firm of Labaton Sucharow was actually the very first legal firm in the entire country to create a specific program that aims to offer much needed help for anyone who speaks out and reveals a problem of any kind. Here, they can provide the kind of help that a whistleblower needs to feel safe having decided to come forward and reveal any problem they might have seen in their own workforce.

Ideal Help

At the firm, they have lawyers who have studied this law very closely and determined how best to offer the kind of help that anyone who speaks out will need to have on their side. Any whistleblower can speak out with their help and get the kind of compensation they are entitled by the present day law. This will help them feel comfortable having spoken out because they know that they have the legal help they need as they do so. Officials here hope to continue offering such important legal assistance to their many whistleblower clients.

Desiree Perez And The Talk Of The Town

There have been many positive changes in Tidal over the past few years. On of the biggest positive changes was the explosion of several artists in record sales and online sales. Tidal has the highest amount of music ever sold on the Internet, and they plan on increasing that track record. Some of the big names that contribute to this track record are Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, and more.

Many people have been speculating the name of the individual within Tidal that made this possible. It was just released that this person is Desiree Perez. Desiree has been affiliated with Jay-Z for over 20 years. Desiree Perez was noticed by many with the success she had running SC Enterprises. While she was making a name there, her husband, Juan Perez, was and is still in charge of Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree Perez, her husband, and a select few are in charge of the Tidal corporation. Many from Tidal say Desiree Perez is victorious because she is the best negotiator in the business today. She does not take no for an answer. When she wants something, she gets it. Desiree promises there is much more success to come from Tidal. She has also opened her door to new talent. She wants to see new faces in the industry and introduce the world to the next generation of hard workers. Music is the great passion of Desiree Perez, but helping people is her life.

Desiree Perez cares about her listeners. That’s why people can now sign-up for Tidal music streaming. It takes only seconds to activate an account. Not only will people be listening to traditional music heard on today’s radio station, but they will also hear exclusive songs that can only be heard through Tidal. You can also make purchases on Tidal streaming, and all of your personal information will be protected to the highest degree.

Fans everywhere are very happy they have subscribed to Tidal streaming. Many of them have stated it is the best online music program today. You can see for yourself by visiting the Tidal streaming website.

For Future Unicorns and Superstars

Some people call her the queen of unicorns for her luminous style. It is this very eccentric style that created the very popular makeup line known as Lime Crime. If you are unfamiliar with the makeup line, it’s all about distinct and radical colors of makeup that inspire you to not only think but look outside of the norm. It gives people all around the world a chance to express themselves freely, without “breaking the rules” as some would say.

Doe talked about Lime Crime with Galore magazine, and she has said that growing up she was always into hardcore colors. Ironically, she thought that she wasn’t good at makeup until she was well into her twenties. So the saying is true Practice makes perfect! In the year of 2004 Doe Deere needed a name for her online Amazon store, when she created Lime Crime. Today Deere has made it very clear that the name stands for color revolution, not being afraid to break the rules (makeup has no rules), and not being afraid to color outside of the lines. She has encouraged makeup lovers everywhere to have fun with makeup and not take it so seriously.

Doe has also shared an incredible perspective on what it’s like being a self made entrepreneur. She’s taken the negatives and the positives and learned from them to grow and improve her business. In a recent interview she was asked why she calls her fans unicorns? Doe stated “To me, unicorns are people who were born different, are aware of it and proud.” I find that to be the most inspirational thing anyone in the world of makeup has ever said. She truly is a woman with a vision and a fearless sense of style.  Follow where she takes Lime Crime next on Facebook, and be sure to read her official blog