Create Your Own Wikipedia Page Before Congress Does it For You

Wikipedia is one of the best known sources of information about people, places and businesses around the world. When you create a Wiki page it is a valuable tool for both the researcher and anyone that wants to make certain the public is able to seek out the truth about their own history. The site is carefully monitored by many who edit and adapt pages according to new information or correct mistakes left by others. Making Wikipedia revisions is a complex process to many, but apparently not to some members of congress that, thanks to a script added by software developer Ed Summers, are now having their Wiki edits tracked when using a congressional office computer.

As expected, a portion of the edits are to their own pages, or those of their colleagues, but many others are surprisingly odd.

  • A note by one spoil sport that explained Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is fictional.
  • The spelling was changed under the description of the North American Beaver to the American version rather than the British spelling. In fact, spelling and grammar errors are common corrections.
  • Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was killed after a child fell into his enclosure, was added to a list of politicians whose assassinations are tied in with conspiracy theories.
  • Multiple corrections of the names of actors on various TV programs and additional information regarding guest appearances from famous names on particular shows.
  • The date of when the CIA began LSD experiments was changed from 1953 to 1802.

Members of congress and their staff aside, many people are uncomfortable with establishing their own Wikipedia page and monitoring it properly. Unfortunately, this type of global exposure is what every business and executive needs. That is why businesses like make it easier for everyone to have their own page and reap the benefits of professionally written content. The company create and even update a Wikipedia page for their clients to help them have a factual and flattering public record of their achievements.

Twenty Three Layers The Personal Touch For Any Fancy Affair

Lauren Conrad, known as a television personalty and fashion expert recently did an interview for Redbook magazine about food recipes and social entertaining. She has been married to lawyer William Tell since 2014. Conrad has a fashion line at Kohls department store called Paper Crown. It’s an online site and physical store that features various dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and accessories for women. It especially comes in handy when a bride-to-be is looking for bridesmaids dresses or even a woman who is planning be part of bride’s entourage can find the dress she wants for the upcoming wedding. Lauren Conrad is not just about fashion.

In the Redbook article, Lauren Conrad shares her recipe for Tequila berry lemonade. In the recent Redbook issue, Conrad will share some of her recipes and idea tips for throwing summer outdoor parties such as a birthday hoedown without any stress. If you want to use Lauren Conrad’s ideas as a kick off for some party planning ideas, you must look into Twenty Three Layers.

Twenty Three Layers is based in New York City and is willing and able to help you with any special occasion you plan to celebrate. It was founded by CEO Jessica Boskoff in October 2012. Whether you’re planning an informal, whimsical, charity events, corporate events, or glamorous occasion, Twenty Three Layers has their creative, talented staff on hand to make this occasion memorable. Twenty Three Layers goes all out by supplying fresh squeezed lemonade, floral arrangements on the tables, homemade cup cakes and cheese cakes. Twenty Three Layers provides the invitations, tables, chairs, settings, food, and drink. The menus are customized to the taste of the person throwing the party. The meals are excellent. For example, one meal they serve begins with salt roasted baby beets with rhubarb, strawberry,fennel, and croutons. The main course is pan roasted striped bass with artichokes and safron. The table placement settings, such as the crown, will make anyone feel special. Some of their high powered clients have included Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Heather Harnett of David Lynch, and James Kinney of Kinney Group Creative.

California Ski Resorts Are Beneficial For All Travelers

California ski resorts are quite beautiful as they sit along the edge of Lake Tahoe, and there are travelers who must select these resorts because there is no better place to ski in America. The Lake Tahoe ski community is massive, and this article explains why skiers prefer the area over other parts of America. It is quite simple to enjoy a luxurious vacation around Lake Tahoe, and this article explains how ski resorts in the area create the finest ski experience.

#1: Ski Experiences In California Are Magical

The most magical ski experience available to skiers have been created on the slopes of every mountain in the area. Resorts that were created on mountaintops such as Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are beautiful locations that create a comfortable environment for skiers and vacationers. Someone who is relaxing in the resort may sit by the fire while their family is skiing, or they may come to the slopes for a skiing lesson.

#2: The Resorts Are Quite Large

There are large resorts in the area that have hundreds of rooms for their guests, and large parties may rent suites that will accommodate every one the trip. California ski resorts are incredible places to take family vacations, and it is important for families to try the area at least once. The area is a fun place to explore when vacationers leave the hotel, and there are gorgeous amenities in every hotel that allow travelers to stay in as long as they like.

#3: Why Are Squaw Valley And Alpine Meadows Important?

They are two of the largest hotels in the area, and they occupy the same mountaintop in the Lake Tahoe region. These two hotels share a gondola that will take visitors from one to the other, and the resorts share an owner who creates fine experiences for the guests. A ski vacation may be very exciting when the guests come back for their favored activities.

Everyone who chooses to take a ski vacation to California will see quite a lot of sights, hear beautiful sounds and see the white powder falling to the ground. The Lake Tahoe is the best ski resorts such as Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley is exciting places to visit during the ski season.