FreedomPop Is Reshaping the Cell Service World

In today’s world, cellphones are necessary to success in today’s world. The problem is most cell phone service providers are aware of this and their prices reflect that knowledge. The more minutes one uses or the more data one needs the more expensive one’s plan. That is unless one turns to FreedomPop, a company determined to upset the cellular and data world.


Granted, anyone who hears the words, “free cellphone service,” is likely to believe there’s a catch. The simple truth is FreedomPop does indeed offer free cell phone service without the messiness of cancellation fees or contracts. The plan includes 200 minutes, unlimited text and 500MB of 4G data. The free service is only for twelve months, but then few people will balk at paying less than ten dollars a month.


FreedomPop does consider that people’s needs vary from month to month. For that reason, they allow their customers to download software, take surveys and invite friends to gain more data. In addition, one can purchase more data at a grand price of two cents per minute. With options like these, it’s easy to see why FreedomPop is disrupting the world of cellphone service providers and that’s just the beginning.


People who choose FreedomPop can choose from various affordable plans such as unlimited talk or they can opt for the WiFi calling option. Better yet, individuals interested in affordable Internet or mobile data will find FreedomPop provides a free service plan for them as well. If one needs more than 500 MBs of data, they can select between the Pro 500MB plan at $3.99 a month or Premium 2G at $19.99 a month. Needless to say, FreedomPop is going a long way to reshaping the cell service world.


Still, most people will probably question why FreedomPop is willing to offer not only affordable plans but also free services. According to the article, FreedomPop Review: Free 4G Wireless Internet Access Can Help You Save On Your Cell Phone Bill, the company’s mission is to provide everyone with fast Internet at no cost. Even their paid services reflect that desire. To that end, the company not only provides affordable service but also equally affordable devices such as USB sticks, hubs and cell phones. At this rate, FreedomPop will indeed succeed in their mission and rewrite the cell phone service world.

Jason Hope: Entrepreneur of Arizona And Views On Health

One thing that entrepreneurs have that employees often don’t is the time and energy to think about health related matters. For starters, employees are often put in a stressful environment where they are constantly in a state of anxiety. As a result, they are unable to think about other issues. Employees are often in a survival mode that keeps them from thinking about other things. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are often working in a more relaxed state because of all of the income that is coming in. They don’t have to worry as much about losing their job. This gives them more energy to think about other issues.

This is one advantage that Jason Hope is experiencing. He thinks a lot about health in AZ. For one thing, Arizona can be hard on the health of an individual when they are out in that type of environment. Among the harder aspects of AZ is the summers. However, one of the aspects of health that Jason Hope thinks about is how to approach conditions. One of the issues that Jason sees with the way that they treat diseases and other health problems is that they wait until there is a problem before they treat it. Another problem is that they are often treating the symptoms.

Jason Hope encourages people to take a more proactive approach to health. For one thing, people have a better chance of keeping free of health problems when they are able to prevent it as opposed to waiting for it to take effect. When people wait for a disease, in some cases it could be too late. This is one of the reasons that Jason Hope urges health care professionals to actually look into being proactive.

Among the ways that one could be proactive is with diet. There are a lot of foods that have different vitamins and minerals that will actually improve the body’s strength and ability to fight off different infections. Jason Hope is hoping to change the world for the better so that people will be able to live healthier and happier lives. Jason Hope’s views on technology could definitely bring forth a happier world.

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Squaw Valley Statement

Located near Lake Tahoe and one of the West’s most iconic and heavily used ski resorts, Squaw Valley recently responded to concerns about its water quality. As with all public drinking water systems, the Squaw Valley resort is regularly tested for the presence of bacteria. Testing of water systems in the “upper mountain” section of the resort indicated the presence of both coliform bacteria and E. Coli. As is required by law, both the public and the Placer County Department of Environmental Health were notified of this finding. No health or safety issues were reported as a result of the testing findings.

The Department of Environmental Health on Facebook indicated that the affected section of the resort could remain open to the public provided that sufficient warnings were posted and that the resort provided an alternative potable water source. In addition to posted warnings, Squaw Valley provided guests with bottled water and pre-packaged snacks as they investigated the water issue. Restaurants in this section of the resort were temporarily closed.

Coliform bacteria and E. coli are two common forms of bacteria that are often found in public swimming and drinking water systems, especially after heavy precipitation events that can expose these systems to agricultural waste or sewage. Exposure to these bacteria generally doesn’t cause serious health issues, though the very young or those with compromised immune systems should avoid it. The resort removed and replaced part of the affected well systems in August of 2016. This meant removing, relocating, and reburying well piping. Following this, the area received precipitation events resulting in almost ten inches of rainfall.

Investigation by both Squaw Valley Resort and the Placer County Department of Environmental Health led to the conclusion that the presence of the bacteria was almost certainly caused by the heavy precipitation. The well plumbing alterations are not considered to have had any affect on bacteria levels reported there. Immediately after notification of elevated bacteria levels at upper mountain well sites the resort began treating the wells by flushing out systems, a two step process involving the use of chemicals. As a result of this treatment and recent testing, the Department of Environmental Health recently reported that these particular well systems are no longer indicating the presence of E. Coli, and coliform levels are much reduced.

In an official statement addressing this matter, Squaw Valley Resort officials acknowledged that they were in the process of addressing a contaminated water issue in an area of their resort. They indicated that the area was open with caveats and that the resort would continue treating the water until the issue was fully resolved, and thanked both Placer County and Squaw Valley agencies for their assistance in the matter.

Department of Environmental Health officials indicated that daily testing of the affected wells would continue until bacteria levels fell off. It is expected that three of the four affected wells will reopen soon, and that approaching “true winter” weather will help to eliminate persistent bacteria at the fourth well.

Sujit Choudhry’s View On The Importance Of Studying Comparative Law

Since the 18th century, different world scholars have practiced comparative law. However, until the advent of the age of digitization and economic globalization, little emphasis has been paid on the discipline. But this hasn’t rendered the world short of comparative law activists including the globally renowned Sujit Choudhry. The recent globalization has sparked interest in the world on comparative law as different countries and scholars seek to compare their various legal systems in the name of similarities and differences between laws of different countries.


As more and more nations develop more intimate relations at the political, economic, and social levels, there arises the need to understand one another’s rule of the land. This desire to understand one another’s system of government, therefore, gives rise to the need for comparative law studies. Additionally, through comparative law international organizations such as the United Nations, the Commonwealth or Amnesty International are able to identify loopholes in the system of governance in different countries that expose their citizenry to exploitative governance and champion their amendments.


Through comparative law, several nations have also come to appreciate the areas of weakness in their constitutions and called for amendments. In some cases, comparative law studies have led to total constitutional reviews and changes as well as the democratization of previously non-democratic countries as they seek better governance for their countrymen.


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit is the Dean of Berkeley Law and professor of law at I. Michael Heyman. He is also the founder and director of the center for constitutional transitions, the world’s first university-based center that mobilizes supports constitution building. Before joining Berkeley Law School, Sujit taught at The New York University School of Law as well as at the Toronto University. Sujit’s dedication to research and championing of comparative law has earned him international recognition as a leading constitutional development authority.


In the course of his long-spanning career, Sujit has published over 90 scholarly articles, book chapters and reports on various niches of comparative law including management and transition from violent conflict to peaceful democratic policies as well as security sector oversight and constitution building. He has also contributed extensively to the Canadian law in addition to actively participating in the constitutional building process in eight countries including South Africa, Egypt, and Ukraine. Professor Sujit also stands counted as a member of the U.N Mediation Roster. Additionally, Sujit serves a key consultant on law policies to the United Nations Development Program as well as the World Bank Institute.

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Innovative Thinker: Sam Tabar’s Unique Ladder To Success

Sam Tabar is one of the brightest minds in the business world today. His skills have taken him around the globe. He has expertise in dealing with several countries including China and Japan. Tabar has an uncanny ability to relate to business men and women of other cultures. It’s this international vision that allows Sam to maximize every opportunity that presents itself.

Tabar has held several important positions with major companies. He was the head of Asia-Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch. There it was recognized that his skills in hedge fund management were unparalleled. Sam Tabar continued to shine while working as an associate attorney for Shulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

Tabar was educated at Oxford University. His education and legal training gives Tabar the instincts needed to conduct business on the highest level. It is important that executives from other companies respect the professionalism of the people they are negotiating with. Sam has proven his worthiness in this area on many occasions. The time he spent with PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong illustrated this amazing quality. Sam Tabar was able to implement strategies and training that resulted in a lucrative outcome for all parties involved.

Tabar has now turned his attention to hedge funds. He will take on the role of Capital Strategist in his new startup company THINX. THINX will look to bring a level of innovation that has yet to be seen in the industry. The company’s primary focus will be empowering women in the regions of Africa and Asia. Such a bold statement will surely inspire many individuals to respond to such groundbreaking leadership. Creating opportunities for others opens doors to possibilities that were never thought of. An inspired mind is capable of endless creativity. Tabar’s efforts will have a profound effect on many lives.

Sam was educated at Oxford University. He also studied at the Columbia School of Law. His dealings with foreign nations has provided a unique platform for Sam to absorb amazing information. He is fluent in Japanese and French. Diversity such as this allows Tabar to develop the intimate connections needed to handle worldwide business.

What There is to Know about Madison Street Capital

There is one company that has been taking the lead in the business industry that everyone should know about. That company is Madison Street Capital. Being a firm that focuses on investment banking this company has made many of their clients happy. With a good sense of excellence, integrity and leadership it is easy to see how this firm has become a hot topic. Clients are either businesses that are held privately or publicly have used this firm for their corporate financial advisory services for many years.


The firm of Madison Street Capital prides themselves in meeting the deadlines of clients who have corporate finance problems that are in need of help quickly. While being quick with the clients who need it they know that it is also important to get the job done right. One of the goals with the approach used by this firm is to make the investors and owners both benefit when it comes to transactions that are of the corporate finance type.


Having been around for a long time it should come as no surprise that this firm has the skill sets required and know-how that is needed for being able to put the buyers together with the right sellers. This all equates to each client getting what they need when it comes the the capitalization structure and also when it comes to financing. There are many different things that Madison Street Capital prides themselves in when it comes to what they can do such as dealing with market pricing, mergers/acquisitions, corporate finance, the structuring of deals and so much more.


Throughout the time that Madison Street Capital has been up and running they have found many clients and have helped each and every one of those clients to get what they needed done in time while still making sure that the overall picture looks the best that it can. The experience and team at the firm are what make the firm able to call themselves one of the best in the business when it comes to providing clients with services such as valuations, M&A and financial advisory.


As a firm who provides services to clients all over the globe it is easy to see why so many have come to trust in the services that are offered by Madison Street Capital. When it comes to getting the job done they get it done right and on time making them the number one firm around the world to provide the services that they offer to their clients. Finding a firm that you can trust with your finances can be hard but when it comes to finding a trustworthy firm that is right for your business this firm is the way to go.

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Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

Eucatex group of Companies was established in 1951 as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners made from eucalyptus. Currently, the company is one of the greatest furniture manufacturers in the country. They serve large construction companies as well as home setups. The company’s management has two segments that include:

Furniture Industry: Eucatex is the largest wood products producer including furniture, Tamburato, and MDP. The products are manufactured innovatively using the eucalyptus wood and advanced technology.

Construction Industry: Eucatex Group of Companies produces modular partitions, paints, doors, and laminated floor.

The current president of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf. In 1987 Flavio Maluf joined the family business and worked in the trade section of the company. He later went on to work in the manufacturing department during his trajectory. For more than a decade, he worked in the company before he became the president. Maluf was invited by his uncle, who was the current president of the business, to become a Member of the Executive Board in 1996. When he was seen to be one of the most innovative people in the company, the family came together and sought to elect him president. The family endorsed him as president of the company.

When he became president, Flavio stated modernization in the enterprise. He was one of the most influential people in Eucatex. While using his position to get things done, his main aim was to develop a modern administration where people are answerable to their seniors in the ever department. For this reason, the company started working in the most productive way. The company has its products exported to more than 37 countries in the world through his innovation as the leader. The company has expanded and grown organically through this exports and international recognition. For more than twenty percent, the company has raised through domestic and international sales.

The company opened a factory in Sao Paulo in 2010. The plant manufactures High-Density Fiberboard, T-HDF, and Medium Density Fiber. Eucatex is the owner of the recycling plant for wood products in the country. Eucatex avoids depositing wood remains, through the plant, on landfills to reduce environmental pollution.