Bruce Levenson News Recap

On June 22, 2015, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, and its General Manager, Danny Ferry, reached an agreement to end $18 Million six-year contract. As a result, ownership of ABHE were transferred to Ressler led group. The fact that Danny Ferry was an active employee of ABHE, the company filed a claim for insurance payout to New Hampshire Insurance Company as it believed that the termination triggered certain clauses for Wrongful Termination and Workplace Torts.

According to ABHE, it contacted New Hampshire Insurance Company and AIG before the contract. However, both companies failed to respond to ABHE. In fact, AIG never initiated any dialogue to represent ABHE regarding the agreement. Subsequent calls by ABHE were also not returned. Therefore, the management has filed a lawsuit to force AIG to respond to queries.

According to court papers, the lawsuit suggests that AIG intentionally failed to respond to request or acknowledge requests by ABHE. As a result, ABHE and its stakeholders have suffered losses. The lawsuit also states that the insurance company has failed to pay, and it also failed to acknowledge calls of ABHE. Therefore, AIG and New Hampshire Insurance companies acted in bad faith.

The law firm, James J. Leonard of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, representing ABHE confirmed that it seeks an additional penalty of 50 percent. In addition, ABHE also demands that they should be compensated for the attorney fees. As of now, it seems that AIG is still reluctant to address the issue.

Bruce Levenson is the man who was in charge of ABHE. He is also a well-known entrepreneur in the sports sector. Besides, Bruce is an active philanthropist who is also active in various community based organizations in Washington D.C.

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Chris Burch Continues to See Positive Growth of Smart Fashion

The technology and fashion industries are two of the most dynamic and quickly changing industries in the world. While these industries used to operate apart from each other, in recent years they have started to merge. The trend of wearable and fashionable technology has increased considerably in recent years. Some of the most popular forms of wearable technology include smart watches, high tech shoes, and other technologically savvy pieces of athletic gear. The trend of the amount of wearable technology is only expected to grow in coming years.


According to Chris Burch, One of the future pieces of wearable technology will be a new safety device that will help to protect those who ride motorcycles or bicycles. While riders have been using bike helmets for decades, there is no existing product that is designed to protect the neck. A new product, which is still in the development phase, will act like a miniature airbag. A rider will be able to wear a ring shaped device around their neck. In the event of a crash, the device will automatically activate and will inflate like an airbag. This will help to stabilize the neck and protect the rider from serious injury.


Firefighters and first responders will also likely see a benefit from wearable technology. Within the next few years, firefighters will be able to wear smart firefighting gloves. These fire gloves will not only protect their hands, but will also provide a firefighter with a lot of important information about the fire and environment. This can help a firefighter make better choices when entering a building. Further, each glove will contain a very specific GPS program, which will help each firefighter find each other once they are inside a building.


One of the most significant investors of smart and wearable technology is Chris Burch. He has invested in dozens of different products, each of which has a specific goal to either make humans safer or more efficient. While he started his career in the traditional fashion retail industry, Burch has continued to invest his existing product lines into industries that can make them smarter and more useful.

Brad Reifler: Veteran Financial Services Specialist

Serial entrepreneur Brad Reifler is Forefront Capital’s founder and chief executive. He has held the position since May 2009. Prior to that he was founding partner, CEO and chairman of the global financial services firm Pali Capital. Reifler was also one of Refco’s star traders after the company acquired Reifler Trading Company, his first company, in 2000. Brad Reifler is also a Sino Mercury Company director. He had also been a director at European American Bank, Genesis Securities Investment Bank and Foresight Research Solutions. Reifler is Refco founder Ray Friedman’s grandson.

Forefront Capital is a unique advisory and trading firm whose role is to help individuals seeking to use an institutional infrastructure to trade their personal capital. Reifler got a great deal of experience with these types of financial services through his work with Pali Capital and global derivatives trade execution firm Reifler Trading Corporation beginning in 1982. He founded the commodity pool advisor Reifler Capital Management in 1992. From 1995 to 2000, his role was to manage the institutional sales desk at Refco Incorporated. There he oversaw customized investment programs, foreign exchange and global derivatives sales and execution for high net-worth individuals and institutions worldwide.

Reifler has been a member of boards and advisory boards for companies like Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank and Genesis Securities, He is currently the director of ITG Investment Research Inc. and ROOT Exchange. Reifler is also a Millbrook School trustee and the chairman of their finance committee. A graduate of Bowdoin College, Brad Reifler has numerous regulatory licenses. They include Series 63, 24, 7 and 3. With over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry he is an industry veteran that has helped numerous individual and institutions to prosper.

Brad Reifler owns Sky Blue Farm, a 145-acre property located in Millbrook, N.Y. The property has a riding ring, shooting range, ice skating rink, motorcross track and facilities for other recreational activities. Drawn to the sprawling property’s 13,000 square foot main house’s craftsmanship and architectural details, the Dutchess County estate is where his family and friends can relax, Reifler explained.

The New Relationship Between Samsung Asset Management And The Capital Group

A strategic partnership was formed recently between Los Angeles investment firm, The Capital Group and a Korean special funds management company, Samsung Asset Management. The expectation of this partnership is that The Capital Group will introduce more of their specialized “Capital” management systems into Samsung’s traditional portfolio management and help them become one of Asia’s most-powerful investment firms in the next few years. Both Samsung Asset Management and The Capital Group’s executives have spoke glowingly about this partnership and what it could mean. Timothy Armour, the CEO and Chairman of The Capital Group says he hopes it will meet the needs of Korean investors in savings, insurance and retirement vehicles.

The Capital Group has been a longtime equity and public funds investment firm that was founded by Jonathan Lovelace back in 1931, and soon became one of the US’s first mutual funds management companies. Since the mid 1950s, The Capital Group has used what’s called a multimanager investment system, which means that investor portfolios and individual assets are managed by more than one manager or analyst. The system has been commended as a reliable way to diversify assets into more than one fund and offset any individual gains or losses. The Capital Group has managed vehicles for both institutional clients as well as consultants and intermediaries.

The Capital Group has had a solid record of retaining employees for long years, some of which have spent their entire career working for the company. Tim Armour himself is one such person who has been with them for over 30 years. Timothy Armour got his education at Middlebury College in Vermont, but made his way to Los Angeles where he found out about The Capital Group’s Associates Program. After successfully completing this program, Armour started out in the company as an equity investment analyst who advised telecom and US Service companies, and then became a senior portfolio manager.

Armour later became a company executive, serving as Chairman first of the firm’s management committee, and then Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the entire company after longtime Chairman Jim Rothenberg passed away in 2015. Armour has been highly commended for his knowledge of fixed-income markets.

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Enjoy The FreedomPop Lifestyle By Choosing One Of Their Services

Many wireless companies can learn a lot from FreedomPop, especially when it comes to pleasing their customers. So many wireless companies are adamant that they want to keep their prices high, even if it’s at the cost of losing many customers to other wireless companies, who may have lower prices. The wireless companies are feeling the pinch because a lot of their customers have chosen FreedomPop as their new go-to wireless company, especially because they have so much to offer with cell phone service and Internet service. FreedomPop even has services that come free of charge.


The information stated in one of the many reviews about FreedomPop is about their free cell phone service, which always needs to be mentioned as long as it continues to be free. Since a lot of people are still in need of wireless services and may not be able to afford it, why not give them the information they need to allow them to sign up for FreedomPop services? There’s just enough minutes on the free service for anyone who is conservative enough, which is 200 minutes of talk time, and there’s 500 MB of data, and the texts are unlimited.


Anyone who’s not conservative may have a problem staying within the 500 MB data limit on the free plan as well as on the unlimited plan. With the unlimited plan, the data allotment is the same, but there is unlimited talk time and text messages. FreedomPop has improvised and found a great way to allow their customers to obtain more data, which is by having them complete surveys and by signing up for offers. Buying extra data is also allowed at the cost of two cents per megabyte, or users can always feel free to use Wi-Fi service.


FreedomPop has a spectacular Wi-Fi service at the cost of only five dollars per month with over 10 million hotspots and a way to connect the Wi-Fi service to smartphones. Even though these are great wireless plans, there are many who still prefer the unlimited everything plan for $19.99, which also has unlimited data along with unlimited calls and text messages. Anyone searching for Internet service from FreedomPop will be pleased with the portable hotspots that come with 500 MB of data for free, and the home Internet service will provide at least a gigabyte of free data on a monthly basis.

Wessex Institute of Technology Careers

Earning an advanced degree from an accredited institution like the Wessex Institute of Technology exposes graduates to an amazing network of professionals. This is one of the most important elements in initiating the work that it takes to build a career in a chosen technical field.

WIT has formed working relationships with research facilities and technology industries throughout the world. The work of past graduates, fellows, and current faculty reaches to places like Europe, South America, and the USA. Reviewed studies by graduates are published regularly in the most scholarly technical journals, and awards as prestigious as the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have been awarded to WIT graduates.

The network of professionalism and field-specific expertise is extremely evolved within the WIT community. This is perhaps the greatest advantage a WIT graduate has over peers in beginning the work to build a rewarding and acclaimed career in the technological, scientific, health, and environmental fields.

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Josh Verne: Prospering in Life and Enterprise

When we come to the realization that we are the ones that limit ourselves in life, we will be able to prosper. In life, as in management, there are two types of managers. The boss is all about getting the job done and so he is authoritative and difficult. Leaders on the other hand are not so bottom down in their approach. At the end of the day, leaders rather than bosses get the job done.


Look for a Win-Win


A win for yourself should also be a win for your client and your employees. You should not settle for conditions that are hurting to your business and your life. This way of thinking programs you to always look for the best solutions to life problems.


Listening to Others More


Listen skills are a rare thing among leaders or people in positions of authority. It takes a lot of maturity to be able, as a leader, to pay attention to what those who follow you are suggesting or encouraging. When you learn to speak less, your words will have more authority when you finally get to say something.




Moderation in life and in business ensures a good balance. If you overdo one thing the other suffers. For instance if you over indulge office work, your personal and social life begins to suffer.


Your Passion


When you find out what it is in your life that you are passionate about, you will be able to sore higher in life and in business. That which excites you to action will propel you to success in all areas of your life. Find out the thing that you love doing and you will find success and happiness.


Josh Verne


In 2012, was started by Josh, Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfiman. Today, Josh is CEO at Flocku is used by students as a platform to read, watch and share things.


Before teaming up with his colleagues to start, Josh Verne was Home Line Furniture’s co- president. Today, owing to his expertise on how to grow and develop enterprises, Josh is widely sort by business minded folk to provide pointers on how to start and grow an enterprise. He advices balance in all areas of life.


Fabletics stays ahead of the competition in online and offline markets

It is evident that Fabletics has included the latest business model approach to be ahead of competitors. The company has built online and offline stores. While its online retail grows day by day, the company opens up offline stores in different parts of the country. Fabletics started as an online marketplace. It later decided to open up offline stores to meet the needs of customers that prefer shopping offline. Fabletics has brick and mortar stores in places like California, Hawaii, and Florida. Fabletics total number of stores amount to sixteen within the United States.


Many thought that Fabletics opened up offline stores to get rid of its membership business model. However, the company has many stores and operating its business model. The management team knows that loyal members that subscribe give them a competitive advantage. These customers have received personalized service at half price. Fabletics has increasingly grown to compete with big names in the fashion industry like Amazon.


The kind of business approach undertaken by Fabletics is known as reverse showrooming. The strategy focuses on the maximum use of online and offline shoppers. While many retailers have store showrooms, most of them face significant competition from online retailers. On the other hand, retailers that sell online may face competition if customer habits change and they start shopping offline. Fabletics has an all-inclusive shopping experience by including the online and offline shopping.


Fabletics focused on an online store at the start and achieved significant success. They next decided to do what Amazon does and opened offline stores. The convenience with offline stores is that you can get clothing you want without worrying about time. Anyone that feels unsure about a particular type of clothing can first fit them in brick and mortar stores. It means that you can see the cloth you would like to purchase first. If you like it, you can buy it. The subscription model allows you to buy either offline or online. It all depends on you on how you would like to purchase your clothing.


While there are hundreds of shopping destinations you can find activewear and sportswear clothing, Fabletics is just the best place to start. You can take a simple look at its online store to find if there is something for you. Passion for accessories and clothing plays a huge role when a woman leaves the house. Anyone that subscribes to Fabletics is sure that they will always walk out of their home with something new and exciting.



Fabletics started in 2013 with Kate Hudson as its co-founder. The company has been in the fashion industry for three years. It has offered an exciting and unique business model in the market. The company has stripped leading business models from having a monopoly in the fashion markets. The simple business approach undertaken by Kate Hudson has enabled the company to make $250 million in profits in a short span of three years. The company plans to open several brick and mortar stores throughout the country.