Shopping for Beneful Dog Food at Target

An ideal way to ensure that your dog has all the nutrients it requires is to feed it quality food. Beneful dog food has high nutritional content and comes in the dry and wet variety. It fits the needs of all dogs. Beneful’s dry dog food contains everything that your dog may need on a normal day. It’s packed in big bags containing different servings. It’s up to you to find the right type of dry dog food for your dog. Conversely, Beneful wet dog food contains natural and healthy ingredients. When you serve it to your dog, you can notice pieces of real vegetables and meat in the bowl. Beneful uses various cuts of meats in its dishes, including chicken and turkey.

Beneful dog food is available at Target. They stock Beneful wet food as well as Beneful dry food. The price for this dog food depends on the type you want. Here’s a list of some Beneful dog foods you can find at Target:

  • Beneful Healthy Weight Beneful Originals
  • BenefulIncrediBites (Chicken)
  • Beneful Healthy Puppy
  • Beneful Prepared Meals
  • Beneful Grain Free Dry Food

Those are just a few of the different types of dog food at Target. Target has over 40 varieties of this brand of dog food.The most popular Beneful dry food flavor at Target is a mixture of beef, peas, and carrot. This is the flavor in Beneful Originals (With Real Beef), which is the one of the best-selling dog food at Target.Dogs love treats. Target carries different varieties of Beneful dog treats. These include Beneful Break-N-Bites, Beneful Baked Snackers, Beneful Healthy Smile and Beneful Baked Delights.

Coupons are a great way to save some cash when purchasing dog food. You can find Beneful coupons for at Target’s website in the coupon section. Enter the word “Beneful” in the search box to find the coupons quickly.

The Traveling Vineyard: Fulfillment In Wine

The Traveling Vineyard isn’t a mobile vineyard in the literal sense. It started in 2001 with the goal of making wine tastings a little less formal and a lot more fun. With this vision the dream took shape. The company long since surpassed 1000 Wine Guides in over 40 states and is quickly growing and expanding.

The Traveling Vineyard is in fact an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that mainly sells wine. In essence, it also sells experiences. For you to start earning with the company, you have to first join the company and become a wine guide. As a wine guide you host wine tasting parties and get paid from the sales made during the parties. One also gets paid up to 35% as a marketing fee for the personally generated orders. Payments are made thrice a month on set days.

The Traveling Vineyard has great earning potential and helps hone Entrepreneurial skills as well as develop personal fulfillment. All you need to start is $189 for a success kit which includes wine glasses, carrying case, wine accessories, marketing materials, website and 10 bottles of wine!

It’s interesting because other than making money off of sales, you also get to learn more about wine and have fun meeting new people and organizing the wine tasting events. Many wine guides have highlighted the importance of the networking that Traveling Vineyard has given them. Friendships have been formed and deals have been struck by virtue of meeting a diverse group of people. Time flexibility is also a plus for the Traveling Vineyard because you get to work when you want to. There are those who do it full time, others do it part time while some once in a while. This flexibility is extremely convenient especially for those who have other obligations to focus on.

Hussain Sajwani – Taking Damac Properties Global With His Business Expertise And Vision

Hussain Sajwani is the name to reckon with in the field of real estate development in the United Arab Emirates. He is one of the most successful businessmen and the chairman and founder of Damac Properties, a company that played a crucial role in the real estate and infrastructure development of Dubai and other parts of UAE.

Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington and graduated with bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics. Over the years, Damac Properties has constructed some of the most famous landmark buildings in UAE and the other main cities in the Middle East, the UK and parts of Europe and Asia, such as in London, Beirut, Jeddah, Oman, Doha, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, and more. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

Damac Properties work closely with Trump Organization on many different projects, including the luxury housing project in Dubai with international golf courses that would be managed by Trump’s real estate firm. The families of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump know each other well and are often seen dining together at the main cities across the globe at various international events.

The partnership of Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani goes long back, way before Trump was announced the U.S. President. Damac Properties is known to focus on design and luxury aspects of the projects it handles, and it is because of this, most of the out-of-the-box projects in the UAE are developed by Hussain’s real estate firm.

Hussain after finding success in the catering and support services started Damac Properties after returning to Dubai. He discovered that the real estate development scene in Dubai is not yet fully developed, but has a lot of potentials.

It is for this reason he bought a land in the suburbs of Dubai, designed a luxury residential project, marketed it to the wealthy and affluent society of the UAE, and managed to sell off the project completely within six months. It is what marked the beginning of Damac Properties.

The net worth of Hussain Sajwani Family is approximately around $3.8 billion, and he is the third richest person in the UAE. Damac Properties continues to contribute to the infrastructure development of the UAE.

Securus Technologies Takes Home The Gold!

Securus Technologies a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions took home the Gold at the 11th Annual Stevie Awards Ceremonies held February 24, 2017, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Securus Technologies was nominated for the Stevie Award category “Sales and Customer Service Training Team of the Year” among competitors of various other types of industry competitors. Recipients of this award are honored with global recognition for excellence in delivering an effectual customer service training performance.


The Stevie Awards for sales and customer service is open to all organizations worldwide. As the recipient of the Gold Stevie Awards, Securus has demonstrated that they earned top honors among over 2000 other nominees from all over the globe. Many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators comprised the panel of over 75 judges that determined the winners this year.

Receiving the Gold Stevie Awards marks another great achievement for Securus Technologies. Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies stated, “It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service.” When customers contact customer service they want a customer service representative who is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient and has an empathetic ear. The customer service training team at Securus Technologies recognized the importance of these principles and was mindful to incorporate them when developing training materials and methods. When customers know, you care about their concerns and will work hard to resolve their issues it can make a big difference for both the customer and the business. “I’m glad to say that it has worked and that we’re seeing the best customer satisfaction, Net Promoter, and first call resolution scores in our history,” de Hoyos said.