Obsidian Energy Achieves Massive Growth In 2017’s Third Quarter Report

Obsidian Energy reported strong third quarter financial and operational results for the year 2017. The President and CEO, David French, praised the Obsidian team for successfully executing one of the busiest oil drilling forays in years and generating excellent results. French said Obsidian is looking forward to continuing in the same direction in 2018.


In their first Deep Basin expedition, the company reports that its three Mannville wells are producing a total of 2,000 boe per day, with liquids of about 60 bbl per mmcf. These results surpassed Obsidian Oil’s projections for the period.


The Alberta Viking, Peace River Oil Sands, and Pembina Cardium projects also reported high rates, motivating the company to proceed with further funding and project execution. Through careful production management which has resulted in promising results, Obsidian Energy predicts that its full-year production will be at the upper limit of its 30,500 to 31,500 boe per day guidance range.


The CEO also notes that the Waterflood investment is encouraging. The base decline in the company’s Cardium business is at a mere five percent as a result of base optimization and waterflood projects launched in 2016.


Obsidian Energy projects a five percent production boost in 2018 despite investing only 80% of funds flow from operations. According to David French, the company has prospects which are ready for drilling and its operational versatility will enable it to exceed five percent increase by regulating their second half program depending on oil prices.


The Board has ratified a budget of $135 million for the year 2018 which will run their chief drilling opportunities. The 2018 plan provides a scalable and dependable weighted growth profile, and the 2017 third-quarter report only hints what 2018 could offer the company. The average production per day in the third quarter was 30,166 boe, a capacity consistent with the second quarter.


French reveals that the Obsidian Energy entered into an agreement to sell its royalty interests in Eastern Alberta in October 2017 for $40 million. The proceeds from the transaction will help reduce borrowing and will not affect the operations funds flow in 2018. Go To This Page for related information about the company.


The company, according to the CEO, is confident that it can achieve a double-digit percentage growth between the 2016 fourth quarter and the fourth quarter of 2017 without borrowing. David French describes the company’s outlook as one which integrates a foreseeable low decline asset base with extensive opportunities for development.


Obsidian Energy renamed from Penn West Petroleum in June 2017. French says that the inspiration for the name change was that Obsidian is a natural glass which can be honed and sharpened.


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New Resolutions For The Obsidian Energy Limited After Name Change

Obsidian Energy Limited was founded in 1979 in Calgary, Canada. It is an oil and natural gases producer and was previously known as Penn West until 92 percent of shareholders voted to change the name on the 26th of June 2017 to give it a new beginning. The new CEO and President David French, who started in October 2016, stated that the Obsidian Energy is now focused on progressing and increasing profits through discipline, transparency, accountability, and innovation. He also added that the company’s new name was inspired by the obsidian which is a naturally occurring glass in volcanic activities and it has the potential to be sharpened, improved, and respected. Furthermore, the shareholders also approved all resolutions in the 30th April 2017 annual and special meeting notice. These resolutions included the appointment of Ernst and Young LLP, Chartered Accountants as the auditors of Penn West for the subsequent year. The company’s shareholders through the ballot, elected eight directors of the company to represent shareholders until the next shareholders annual meeting or a successor is appointed or elected.


96 percent of the shareholders voted for the reduction of Penn West share capital used for accounting with 94 percent of them voting for the change of restricted unit plan to become the restricted and performance share unit plan. 93 percent of the shareholders voted for the approval of the company’s suggested resolution plan according to the circular. While still operating under its previous name, the company was once on the Toronto Stock Exchange amongst S&P/TSX 60 the 60 largest companies. On January 2008, it reached peak market capitalization of almost 9.5 billion dollars, and it was a Canadian royal trust from 2005 to 2011. Go To This Page for more information.


Obsidian recorded a strong third quarter result of 2017 and their proposed budget for the year 2018. The company is to focus on reinvestment and growth. The board has allocated 135 million dollars in the 2018 budget with 86 million dollars to be used in improvement and expansion of the already existing wellbore, while 25 million dollars will go to business capital and infrastructure while the rest is allocated to meetings financing and decommissioning costs.


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Greg Aziz: The Excellent CEO Of National Steel Car

Greg Aziz is a well-known name in the moving stock industry to be the current CEO of National Steel Car. The activity is located in Ontario and has already established a long experience thanks to the fact that it had become more than a hundred years ago. Among the first systems of action that the activity produced is in 1912, and from that moment the activity grew only in a safe direction to be the national head that is today. When Greg Aziz was determined to be the CEO of the business, he acknowledged that he would have much to travel on his shoulders. The company’s continued future would have kept hands and should have guided them in the future. He has enough knowledge in the field of activity, which explains why he could handle the business more effectively. Greg Aziz began working in the business field when he visited the job with his family.


The Aziz family had a commercial activity in Canada where they could transfer food from all over the world and resell it to international markets. The company has become very profitable, and Greg Aziz has received all of his training and experience that should have been considered a business manager. After working for a while with her family, she decided to leave Canada and concentrate on Wall Road. He chose the bank field and started to work on it. While working in this field, he has experienced numerous clients and companies to whom he has offered his knowledge. This is also the place where he met for the first time on the National Wagon. He has worked closely with individuals in the industry, especially those in the major positions. See This Page to Learn More.


1Having a good experience with the company has shown that this was his area to keep, and in fact, it has become a fantastic decision. Today Greg Aziz drives all Country Car Material with the drive and determination of his good head. He used the activity at new levels, and he also helped to develop in other places in America. The company’s continued future would have kept hands and should have guided them in the future. He has enough knowledge in the field of activity, which explains why he could handle the business more effectively. Greg Aziz began working in the business field when he visited the job with his family. The Aziz family had a commercial activity in Canada where they could transfer food from all over the world and resell it to international markets. The business has expanded its lower customer base, which has subsequently brought huge profits to the business.


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The Career Accomplishments Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario on 30 April, 1949. He studied in Western University where he ventured into economics. He later decided to participate in the family business where over a couple of years. The company went ahead and grew to a larger and prosperous investment. In 1994, James Aziz organized the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco with the objective of developing it into a prosperous business. Under his management, the company extended its manufacture of 3,500 cars per year to about 12,500 cars per year in 1999. As a result, more job opportunities also grew from 600 workers to 3000 workers respectively.


Greg James Aziz in conjunction with his wife have also invested in a typical agricultural trade shows. It is the most popular show in the country as a lot of agricultural products are showcased at the event. Other activities that take place in the show include educating people on how to make land profitable for agricultural use. Greg Aziz has also engaged in a lot of charity in his society as he encourages, guides, and advises participants on how to be determined and positive-minded in their life.


National Steel Car was formed back in 1912. The company has been in business for a decade and its reputation is outstanding as it meets its customer’s standards. National Steel Car is well-known for its extraordinary designs and the customers are satisfied as the company delivers what they want. Under Gregory J Aziz’ leadership, the company got a major supplier called Canpotex. Canpotex is the leading supplier of potash. It invested over $500 million to construct 7000 railcars with National Steel Cars. Greg Aziz is determined to guide the company to deliver high quality machines to their customers.


In its capabilities and commitments to the society as a whole, the National Steel Car has ventured into charitable projects that help the less fortunate. The philanthropy includes nurturing the Theatre Aquarius among many others. The main objective of the National Steel Car is to honor the custom of the past and move with determination about the future.


James Aziz always counts on his customers as they are the most proficient people to the company and offer help regarding the products that they want to see. Aziz has received honor and awards as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Limited for his leadership qualities, growth and transformation of the company. Click Here for More Info.

Gregory Aziz Iconic Business Leadership

North America’s driving railroad cargo maker, National Steel Car, is possessed by Gregory James Aziz nearby being the CEO. He obtained the organization from Dofasco route in 1994. National Steel auto has its premises in Hamilton, Ontario. Experiencing childhood in London, he sought after his instruction at Ridley College and later progressed to the University of Western Ontario for a degree in Economics. After his graduation, he was favored to be a staff individual from Affiliated Foods, which is his privately-run company that significantly stays in import and fare of perishable nourishment items.


Since Greg James Aziz access to Affiliated Foods, the organization’s yield developed in more than sixteen years, which earned the firm market acknowledgment in the United States and east of Canada. The undertaking likewise started to import new nourishment from Europe and South America. Gregory J Aziz has worked in different managing an account establishment in New York, which picked up him involvement in the corporate world.


National Steel Car has over a century since its foundation. The firm has a staggering execution with respect to creating quality railways and tank autos through responsibility in building and assembling. Gregory J Aziz minds conventions of the organization through his administration and has dependably seen individuals as the foundation of the association. The endeavor expanded its generation in 1999 since Gregory’s passageway as the CEO, by delivering 6,500 more tank autos yearly. The firm right now enlists more than 2,000 workers who incorporate experienced technologists and designers on the planet.


Quality generation of railroad cargo autos has earned the organization a few honors, which incorporates a reliable honor by TTX SECO for being the most astounding quality organization more than ten years. National Steel Car is favored to be the main railroad load auto building and assembling organization to be ISO 9001:2008. National Steel Car every year takes part in innovative upgrades of rail tanks to fit in the cutting-edge world. The improvements are made to guarantee their items meet and outperform needs and benchmarks of customers. Gregory J Aziz has a dream for the organization to deliver hearty and more secure rail tank autos for transportation of combustible fluids. National Steel auto has helped the Hamilton people group through a few open financing and engagement in group based foundations. Greg Aziz supports Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada, Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way and the Salvation Army. He welcomes local people and laborers, including previous representatives, to National Steel Car Christmas Party nourishment drive held every year.

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National Steel Car Grows After Gregory Aziz Bought The Corporation



National Steel Car Company is the biggest manufacturer of or tank cars and railroad freight cars in the whole of North America. As the leading railcar manufacturer in the region, National Steel Car enjoys unperturbed influence in the region. National Steel Car is known for producing quality products that are appealing to the customers. National Steel Car has been in existence for over a hundred years now. The corporation has been able to stay strong for all this time due to the grounds the company was laid on. National Steel Car has for many years been able to stay close to their customers by making sure they produce only quality products that serve the best interest of the people. National Steel Car has also been committed to the principle of ensuring that they embrace technology and innovation as the key drivers of the progress that the corporation takes going forward into the future. The managers of National Steel Car have made it a responsibility for them to stick with the tradition that was set right from the day the company was established. Their commitment to the interests of the customers has been solid from the beginning.



National Steel Car is headed by Gregory James Aziz who acts as the president and chief executive officer of the corporation. Greg Aziz bought the corporation in 1994. He used the investment that he had in various New York banks to buy the corporation. National Steel Car was purchased at a time when its operations had slowed down, and it was no longer able to run its operations, and it was required. When he bought the corporation, Greg Aziz’s number one responsibility was to revive the operations of the firm such that it would be able to produce a high volume of freight cars every year.


True to his commitment to the firm, when Gregory J Aziz took over, he ensured that all the areas of the corporation that were doing dismally were checked and catered for. On top of his priority list were the technology and human resource aspects of the organizations. He made sure that they there was massive investments in the technology that was being used in the corporation. He also ensured that he hired professionals who were skillful and knew what the corporation required for it to get back up. The efforts of Gregory J Aziz have been clear since and have seen the corporation record substantial growth since he bought the corporation in 1994. Go To This Page for additional information.

Bridget Scarr Stands Tall as Colibri’s Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr has accumulated quite a resume as a writer and creative producer. She has captivated audiences across multiple platforms for years with quality entertainment.


Bridget has also displayed her talents as an executive producer with a track record that spans over 15 years. She has worked in advertising, television, and animation while overseeing both creative developement and technical production for a variety of project sizes.


Bridget currently works at Colibri studios where she collaborates with many industry professionals. Recently Bridget afforded us a look into her life and career.


What Was The Inspiration For Colibri Studios


I worked a long time as a TV producer. In this capacity my main responsibility was to bring the ideas of someone else to life. As time went on I began to want to see some of my own ideas developed. This yearning I had to enter the areas of the more creative aspects of the industry became the catalyst for the birth of Colibri.


How Do You Bring Ideas To Life


That depends both on the project as well as my original inspiration for the project. For example, I am currently working on an augmented reality project. The project allows users to connect historical events by first connecting to persons that lived these events. The project combines fact and script to providing an entertaining experience while providing an education on selected historical topics. These are the stories of real people from diverse backgrounds making the user more able to relate to their everyday lives.


If You Were To Advise Your Younger Self


Eliminate all fear. Believe in yourself above all else. It is your journey and trust your God given gifts to support your travels. Also, do not forget gratitude and appreciation for all you have.


What Is One Truth That No One Will Agree With You On.


Magic is a daily reality. It surrounds us and is used by us and by others toward us. In good ways of course.


How Did You Overcome A Failure As An Entrepreneur


My first business failed due to financial difficulties. My partners were so angry with me that they left my company and began a competing project. They started a huge smear campaign against me. I was personally defamed and my family was physically threatened.


I am not sure if you ever truly overcome this sort of heartbreak but with the help of m y partner and the birth of my son I found the strength, after a long bout with depression, to continue upon my journey.


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Netpicks’ Winning Strategies for Trading During Volatile Seasons

Summer is mostly a volatile trading season due to the low trading volumes, but it is bound to be even more unpredictable this summer. This is because of the recent sale of tech company stocks which has caused their prices to fall. While it is trickier to trade during volatile trading seasons and more difficult to make profits, it is not impossible.Proactive trading strategies provided by reputable trading strategy companies such as Netpicks are great for volatile trading seasons.   More to read here.

For instance, the Lock and Walk strategy is a tried and tested strategy that many people have benefited from and can attest to. You simply have to respect resistance and support levels, which are the most important factors to consider when trading during volatile seasons. The rules are simple and easy to remember. The strategy helps you know when to stop out and when to sell or buy. This prevents you from making losses, and if you are lucky, you can make very big profits from trading during this choppy season.  A relevant article to read here.

About NetPicks

Netpicks is Irving, Texas based trading systems company that’s focused on providing trading education to help common traders attain trading success in Forex markets. The company provides education on stocks, Forex, Options and EFTs, Futures, and trading signals among other trading aspects. With over 25 years of trading experience, Netpicks is passionate about helping traders reach their trading goals. Each member of the Netpicks is a real trader who has experienced first-hand the highs and lows of trading and is better placed to help you start your trading journey. Additional reading on dailyforexreport.com


Trading during volatile seasons may seem daunting but with the simple trading strategies provided by Netpicks, you can easily make huge profits from your trades. Whether you are a fulltime trader or a part-time trader, it is important to have a trading strategy and stick to it. This way, you will not end up taking on risks that are too big for you to handle or making poor decisions. Using the trading strategies provided by Netpicks are a sure way to win big in stock trading.  Check this link on netpicks.com and watch from their offered tutorial demo videos.

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Anthony Petrello remembers his mentor Serge Lang through a foundation

Anthony Petrello journey to success has been an interesting one. He was born from a very humble family but as we speak today he one of the best CEOs in the world. He is managing one of the biggest companies in the world. He is the CEO of the biggest drilling company in the world known as Nabors Industries. The company offers oil and natural gas drilling services. Today it is operating in all the continents in the world. From Africa, America, Middle East to the Far East, Nabor Industries have ongoing projects. However, the company was not this great about two decades ago. In the 1990’s, Nabors was an ordinary drilling firm. However, fortunes started changing when the company employed Anthony Petrello. Since joining the company as the chief operating officer in 1991, Nabors Industries has been on a consistent growth. It as managed to outwit and outmaneuver other competitors in the industry.

Despite this success with Nabors industries, Anthony Petrello has remained true to philanthropic initiatives. In his early life, Petrello was a bright student. He was a mathematics genius. However, his parents could not afford to provide him with a first-class education that would have fitted his natural abilities. They sent him to local public schools. Anthony Petrello worked very hard and showed great abilities to solve mathematical problems at a very young age.

His dreams to study in a good institution finally came through while he was in high school. He was spotted by representatives of Yale University who offered him a full scholarship to study at the institution. He took a degree in mathematics. At the institution, he had the luck of being mentored by one of the best mathematics professors at the time, Serge Lang. Together they had a great friendship. They worked on various mathematical theories that needed to be proved. Anthony Petrello’s abilities were unique. No other student in his class would attempt the problems that he together with Serge Lang were solving.

Although Anthony Petrello dropped out of the Yale University to pursue another career, he came back after he had succeeded in life. After the death of his friend and mentor Serge Lang, Anthony Petrello came up with the idea of setting up a foundation that would appreciate the role that Serge Lang played at the Yale University. Anthony Petrello offered to contribute $150,000 to be awarded to a student who made great and unique achievements in the subject of mathematics. He also promised to add up to another $150000 for any other gift that the university received towards supporting the initiative.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-petrello-1335b097

Adam Milstein Talks about His Failures in Real Estate

Adam Milstein is the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is a community leader, real estate investor, and active philanthropist. Adam is married to Gila, and the couple has been blessed with three daughters. The couple is also blessed with three granddaughters. Adam Milstein is a native Israel who worked in the IDF and graduated in 1978 from the Technion. Milstein migrated to the US in 1981 where he graduated from the USC with an MA in entrepreneurship.

Adam embarked on real estate career after graduating from USC. The Hager Pacific Properties is a private commercial real estate investment company that manages and owns an array of industrial and commercial real estate all over the US. Adam is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein established the Israel-American Council together with other stakeholders. He sits on boards of several organizations such as Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, and AIPAC Network Council.

Adam talks about his business failures

Adam opened up about his career and entrepreneurial journey in an interview with ideamensch. When asked about the failures he has made as an entrepreneur during the meeting, Adam said that he regrets wanting to make it big time within a short time. He also admits to having put everything he had in one venture with the hope that he was going to strike gold. Adam advises entrepreneurs that the way to make it in business is a long way and not the quick way. Adam shared his experience at school during the interview where he was selling art to temples in Israel, and they were selling well. He then decided to buy vast amounts of stock, but they did not go well as he had planned; therefore, the stock took time to sell. Milstein notes that he should not have tried to make a fortune overnight.

Adam’s inspiration

Adam said that he derives inspiration from his partner, David Hager. He notes that David is smart and he uses psychology, which influences Adam’s thinking. Adam also indicates that David views the world and economic affairs in a good way. Besides, he is a great thinker and is always two steps ahead. Milstein recommends other entrepreneurs and the community to read a book by Dana Perino known as And the Good News.