The New Relationship Between Samsung Asset Management And The Capital Group

A strategic partnership was formed recently between Los Angeles investment firm, The Capital Group and a Korean special funds management company, Samsung Asset Management. The expectation of this partnership is that The Capital Group will introduce more of their specialized “Capital” management systems into Samsung’s traditional portfolio management and help them become one of Asia’s most-powerful investment firms in the next few years. Both Samsung Asset Management and The Capital Group’s executives have spoke glowingly about this partnership and what it could mean. Timothy Armour, the CEO and Chairman of The Capital Group says he hopes it will meet the needs of Korean investors in savings, insurance and retirement vehicles.

The Capital Group has been a longtime equity and public funds investment firm that was founded by Jonathan Lovelace back in 1931, and soon became one of the US’s first mutual funds management companies. Since the mid 1950s, The Capital Group has used what’s called a multimanager investment system, which means that investor portfolios and individual assets are managed by more than one manager or analyst. The system has been commended as a reliable way to diversify assets into more than one fund and offset any individual gains or losses. The Capital Group has managed vehicles for both institutional clients as well as consultants and intermediaries.

The Capital Group has had a solid record of retaining employees for long years, some of which have spent their entire career working for the company. Tim Armour himself is one such person who has been with them for over 30 years. Timothy Armour got his education at Middlebury College in Vermont, but made his way to Los Angeles where he found out about The Capital Group’s Associates Program. After successfully completing this program, Armour started out in the company as an equity investment analyst who advised telecom and US Service companies, and then became a senior portfolio manager.

Armour later became a company executive, serving as Chairman first of the firm’s management committee, and then Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the entire company after longtime Chairman Jim Rothenberg passed away in 2015. Armour has been highly commended for his knowledge of fixed-income markets.

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