Fabletics stays ahead of the competition in online and offline markets

It is evident that Fabletics has included the latest business model approach to be ahead of competitors. The company has built online and offline stores. While its online retail grows day by day, the company opens up offline stores in different parts of the country. Fabletics started as an online marketplace. It later decided to open up offline stores to meet the needs of customers that prefer shopping offline. Fabletics has brick and mortar stores in places like California, Hawaii, and Florida. Fabletics total number of stores amount to sixteen within the United States.


Many thought that Fabletics opened up offline stores to get rid of its membership business model. However, the company has many stores and operating its business model. The management team knows that loyal members that subscribe give them a competitive advantage. These customers have received personalized service at half price. Fabletics has increasingly grown to compete with big names in the fashion industry like Amazon.


The kind of business approach undertaken by Fabletics is known as reverse showrooming. The strategy focuses on the maximum use of online and offline shoppers. While many retailers have store showrooms, most of them face significant competition from online retailers. On the other hand, retailers that sell online may face competition if customer habits change and they start shopping offline. Fabletics has an all-inclusive shopping experience by including the online and offline shopping.


Fabletics focused on an online store at the start and achieved significant success. They next decided to do what Amazon does and opened offline stores. The convenience with offline stores is that you can get clothing you want without worrying about time. Anyone that feels unsure about a particular type of clothing can first fit them in brick and mortar stores. It means that you can see the cloth you would like to purchase first. If you like it, you can buy it. The subscription model allows you to buy either offline or online. It all depends on you on how you would like to purchase your clothing.


While there are hundreds of shopping destinations you can find activewear and sportswear clothing, Fabletics is just the best place to start. You can take a simple look at its online store to find if there is something for you. Passion for accessories and clothing plays a huge role when a woman leaves the house. Anyone that subscribes to Fabletics is sure that they will always walk out of their home with something new and exciting.



Fabletics started in 2013 with Kate Hudson as its co-founder. The company has been in the fashion industry for three years. It has offered an exciting and unique business model in the market. The company has stripped leading business models from having a monopoly in the fashion markets. The simple business approach undertaken by Kate Hudson has enabled the company to make $250 million in profits in a short span of three years. The company plans to open several brick and mortar stores throughout the country.