Create Your Own Wikipedia Page Before Congress Does it For You

Wikipedia is one of the best known sources of information about people, places and businesses around the world. When you create a Wiki page it is a valuable tool for both the researcher and anyone that wants to make certain the public is able to seek out the truth about their own history. The site is carefully monitored by many who edit and adapt pages according to new information or correct mistakes left by others. Making Wikipedia revisions is a complex process to many, but apparently not to some members of congress that, thanks to a script added by software developer Ed Summers, are now having their Wiki edits tracked when using a congressional office computer.

As expected, a portion of the edits are to their own pages, or those of their colleagues, but many others are surprisingly odd.

  • A note by one spoil sport that explained Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is fictional.
  • The spelling was changed under the description of the North American Beaver to the American version rather than the British spelling. In fact, spelling and grammar errors are common corrections.
  • Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was killed after a child fell into his enclosure, was added to a list of politicians whose assassinations are tied in with conspiracy theories.
  • Multiple corrections of the names of actors on various TV programs and additional information regarding guest appearances from famous names on particular shows.
  • The date of when the CIA began LSD experiments was changed from 1953 to 1802.

Members of congress and their staff aside, many people are uncomfortable with establishing their own Wikipedia page and monitoring it properly. Unfortunately, this type of global exposure is what every business and executive needs. That is why businesses like make it easier for everyone to have their own page and reap the benefits of professionally written content. The company create and even update a Wikipedia page for their clients to help them have a factual and flattering public record of their achievements.