Bridget Scarr Stands Tall as Colibri’s Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr has accumulated quite a resume as a writer and creative producer. She has captivated audiences across multiple platforms for years with quality entertainment.


Bridget has also displayed her talents as an executive producer with a track record that spans over 15 years. She has worked in advertising, television, and animation while overseeing both creative developement and technical production for a variety of project sizes.


Bridget currently works at Colibri studios where she collaborates with many industry professionals. Recently Bridget afforded us a look into her life and career.


What Was The Inspiration For Colibri Studios


I worked a long time as a TV producer. In this capacity my main responsibility was to bring the ideas of someone else to life. As time went on I began to want to see some of my own ideas developed. This yearning I had to enter the areas of the more creative aspects of the industry became the catalyst for the birth of Colibri.


How Do You Bring Ideas To Life


That depends both on the project as well as my original inspiration for the project. For example, I am currently working on an augmented reality project. The project allows users to connect historical events by first connecting to persons that lived these events. The project combines fact and script to providing an entertaining experience while providing an education on selected historical topics. These are the stories of real people from diverse backgrounds making the user more able to relate to their everyday lives.


If You Were To Advise Your Younger Self


Eliminate all fear. Believe in yourself above all else. It is your journey and trust your God given gifts to support your travels. Also, do not forget gratitude and appreciation for all you have.


What Is One Truth That No One Will Agree With You On.


Magic is a daily reality. It surrounds us and is used by us and by others toward us. In good ways of course.


How Did You Overcome A Failure As An Entrepreneur


My first business failed due to financial difficulties. My partners were so angry with me that they left my company and began a competing project. They started a huge smear campaign against me. I was personally defamed and my family was physically threatened.


I am not sure if you ever truly overcome this sort of heartbreak but with the help of m y partner and the birth of my son I found the strength, after a long bout with depression, to continue upon my journey.


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