Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Treating Sleeping Disorders Through Dentistry

It’s imperative to have a good night’s sleep as the body rests and naturally repairs itself. According to health experts, 7 to 9 hours of sleep are enough for anyone. The same sleep experts advise that sleeping less than 6 hours can damage even your appearance. Sleep technology was in the yester years a term that was unheard of, however, through more research specialists, such as Avi Weisfogel, have emerged. The doctor is famous for his pioneering research and the advancement in the Dental Sleep Medicine, and through his treatment, a lot of patients with sleep disorders are now well.

The doctor has amassed more than 20 years in practice and, for this reason, he finds it important to share his knowledge with other physicians. Weisfogel can be recalled from his Healthy Heart Sleep, which is a channel where health professionals can elaborate medical issues and solutions.

Pioneering Sleep Specialist

Dr. Weisfogel is an expert in treating complex diseases like sleep apnea. To that effect, he has trained other doctors on how to treat such disorders. On the other hand, Dental Sleep Masters is his venture started by himself to address dental problems that lead to sleep disorders. Thanks to his prowess in business and marketing, he just researched and came up with and launched a medical product in this field.

Business Challenges

Weisfogel is a highly learned doctor. First, he went to Rutgers University to acquire a degree in psychology and biology. Later, to New York University College of Dentistry, earning his DDS. Then learned Dental Sleep Medicine. However, despite all these, he would again spend a decade waiting for referrals and keep his business going.

What is Wesfogel’s Perceived Extra Mile?

His help for other doctors to excel in sleep medicine has led him to conduct a comprehensive sleep medicine program. Through daily emails, texts, bi-weekly phone calls, monthly webinars, retreats every quarter and site visits, he can reach all doctors.

Other Activities?

Dr. Weisfogel works at Old Bridge Dental Care. However, when not working he embarks on sporting activities and specifically basketball, and a great fan of the New York Knicks. He also loves Tennis.