Brian Torchin Rescues Healthcare Workers With Unique Ideas About Employment Opportunities

Brian Torchin is the founder and CEO of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors in Philadelphia; he is also a chiropractor, and apart from running the company, he practices medicines too. With the study in chiropractic and experience in physical therapy, his patients get the best care. Mr. Torchin is described by his clients and employee as a person who provides an efficient solution; clients are always satisfied with his services his commitment to following clients wishes is uncanny.

The HCRC provide staffing and consultation services for healthcare and legal firms. Brian Torchin started the company when he realized there is high employee turnover, especially in the medical field and to ease the burden of institutions looking for a replacement of the employee, so he came with the idea of the company.

HCRC ensures that their clients get the best professions, exactly what they need; since the start of its operation in 2007 it has built strong relations and has been ranked top in providing healthcare staffing. The firm deals with many positions like medical doctors, chiropractors, paralegals, nurses, attorneys just to name a few. A medical facility or law firm can never go wrong with HCRC.

According to GlassDoor, Brian Torchin attended the University of Delaware and earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science; while there he gained interest in medicine and he later went to New York Chiropractic College to study chiropractic.

Before founding HCRC, he worked as the Director of Medical Marketing at the Practice Management Inc. Dr. Torchin has published a good number of articles mainly about employees and medicine; in 2011 Brian was a fundraiser at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and Healthcare.

Brian Torchin is business oriented and he is keen on details, he treats both his employee and clients with respect and that is the reason he maintains the long-term relationship with them.

He says that it is important to know one’s competitor and make sure you are head to head with them, having a staff that will work tirelessly to keep clients satisfied and happy is an advantage to the organization. Brian is always available to his customers in case they need a request fulfilled or wants to make an inquiry.

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