Thor Halvorssen Fights Against Oppression

Thor Halvorssen is the most outspoken fighter against oppression in the world today, and he is using his influence to help get the media on his side. He knows that a lot of news stories are going to help people get educated about tyrants and other bad governments around the world. The worst governments in the world today are being exposed by Thor Halvorssen through his work with the Human Rights Foundation, and he is trying to help everyone in the world understand what it is about these governments that is so bad. A lot of people do not realize how bad conditions are, and they are going to learn when they read or listen to him.

Thor Halvorssen is very familiar with human rights work because he has spent his whole life on it. He knows that people are not aware of every tyrannical government in the world, but he wants to create news stories so that people do not miss out on the information that they need. People who did not know about these governments today will be able to learn about them tomorrow from Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation. He will teach everyone what they need about current events, and he will keep talking about it until the problems have been solved.

There are a lot of things for people to learn from an icon like Thor Halvorssen, and Thor Halvorssen is going to make it easy for people to understand the dire situations that are happening around the world. There is a lot for people to learn so that they are not left in the dark, and Thor Halvorssen is the best place to find this information. Thor Halvorssen is going to keep pushing for changes around the world that are better for everyone, and he is going to be very forceful in his speech so that no one misses out. There are a lot of people who are going to need to learn about oppressive governments, and they can check out the Human Rights Foundation to find the information they need about each country.

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Sanjay Shah Raising Money for Autism

Sanjay has always been about giving back to the community. While he is best known for his professional work, through the success of his investment capital company that spans around the world, he has been able to turn his attention to assisting those around him in need. In one such case, it has proven especially important for him to assist individuals suffering from autism. When his son was diagnosed with autism, he found himself behind the eight ball, as he really didn’t know much about the condition or how to cope with it. He simply figured his son would be unable to do anything in life. That, he eventually learned, is simply not the case at all, it just takes special attention and care early on to help develop the motor skills and to make him that much more capable of succeeding in life. All of this helped spur Sanjay on to creating Autism Rocks.

So what is Autism Rocks exactly? It is a non profit organization designed to raise money for sponsoring children with autism around the world. There are some locations in the U.S. where schools, either public or private, offer specially tailored services for students with autism. However, most locations around the world do not have this kind of access.  Now, these children are able to thrive and succeed. All it takes is a bit of help and Sanjay’s program.

The Autism Rocks name comes from the main way the organization raises money. Autism rocks puts on concerts around the world where big name performers, such as Snoop Dogg and Prince perform and all of the ticket sales go towards raising money. Sanjay Shah also has a secondary way to raise money, and this is through his Go Fund Me page. This page makes it possible for individuals to directly donate to the program. Even if they are not able to attend a concert, they can still help raise money for the cause.