Successes Registered At CCMP Capital Under The Leadership Of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is an investment firm that zeroes in on leveraged buyouts and transactions based on growth capital. Initially, it was known as JP Morgan Partners after separating from JP Morgan Chase. The corporation has hired the services of over 50 employees. Owing to the growth of its operations, the company has opened offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London.
The global private equity firm has invested more than $16 billion in its two key areas of operations, buyouts and growth equity. It strengths lies in having an expansive industrial expertise and excellent operating resources. To this end, the firm has managed to focus its energies on four crucial sectors of the economy. These sectors are the healthcare, industrial, chemicals/ energy and consumer/ retail. CCMP Capital is regarded as an outstanding investment partner because of its active management styles and outstanding model of value creation.

In most instances, CCMP Capital invests between $100 million and $500 million of equity in one transaction. This amount is available for companies that have a net worth of between $250 million and $2 billion in terms of size. CCMP Capital has been providing solutions regarding estate diversification to the founder-owned businesses. In addition, the firm has invested its funds to enhance capital structures that have been over levered. The corporation aids in converting public entities to private companies. Over the years, their funds have helped companies register growth in their operations. CCMP Capital according to has been on the forefront of facilitating management buyouts as well as corporate carve-outs.

Besides providing funds to other corporations, CCMP Capital’s professionals work with the management of every portfolio entity. Such collaboration is formed with the view to designing and supporting value creation plans. These plans necessitates the application of best practices in a given sector and improvement of utilization of asset and resource in order to augment cash flow. In addition, the plan seeks to ensure that revenue-generation in a specified sector and cost reduction techniques have been implemented. Investment and operating officers of CCMP Capital ensure that they monitor progress of different initiatives by means of regular interactions with the management team of the portfolio company.

About Stephen Murray
Steve Murray was the former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. His contributions to the growth and profitability of the companies are immense. He was the founding partner of CCMP Capital. The Boston College graduate started his career as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company based in New York. Through his achievements, he was able to climb up the corporate ladder quickly. The MBA graduate from the prestigious Columbia University based in New York served in the boards of Aramak, Pinnacle Foods, Generac Power Company, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s and Warner Chilcott Corporation. As a philanthropist, Steve Murray helped support the objectives of Make-A-Wish Foundation, institutions of higher education and Stamford Museum.