Wen Conditioner: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Have you seen the commercials on QVC for Wen hair care products? If so, you may have been interested in the fact that Wen products are made from natural plant extracts and oils. Wen conditioners and shampoos also promise to give the hair volume and shine, while making your hair healthier. If you’ve been thinking about trying Wen hair but still aren’t quite sure, Bustle’s Emily McClure has tested Sephora’s sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner to help you make your decision.

McClure says that after just one day of using WEN hair conditioner, she felt a difference in her hair–it felt thicker and softer. Emily does warn that it takes lots of conditioner to cover the hair during each washing session, but it’s worth it. She continued using the conditioner for three consecutive days, and saw that her hair was shinier and less frizzy.

On the fourth day of the experiment, Emily was rushing out of the house and didn’t wash her hair that morning. Her hair was still healthy and shiny, but it didn’t hold a curl for very long.

Emily’s friends noticed that her hair was well-moisturized and bouncier by the end of the week, which was another indication that the conditioner was working. Overall, McClure said that she’d recommend purchasing Wen conditioner from Amazon, and using it as well especially for women with naturally thin hair, or women who wash and style their hair every day.

Read FAQ’s here: http://www.wen.com/faq.html