An Insight on InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is known for its provision of related healthcare services. The organization is based in Puerto Rico. Most individuals are enrolled in a medical plan as it acts as an emergency health care tool. Medicare Advantage plans are meant to cover all health services of InnovaCare. The only medical service Medicare advantage plus does not cover in the occasion that you do not have an original Medicare cover is hospice care. This article will look at the leadership team behind InnovaCare Inc.

Jonathan Meyers

The organization has recently done some changes to its leadership by adding three executives. Johnathan Meyers is the current Chief Actuary Officer at InnovaCare Health Inc. Before joining the organization, Mr. Jonathan was also the Executive of Actuarial Services, Medicaid, and Medicare for Horizon BCBS. Meyers also served as Chief Actuary at HealthCare Partners in New York.

Penelope Kokkinides

Kokkinides is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. Inc. Penelope Kokkinides has more than two decades of experience in healthcare specializing in government programs. Penelope also has extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of clinical programs and management of health care processes and operations. She focuses on improvement of efficiency and organizational infrastructure.

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Penelope has also served different roles in the health care industry. Some of the roles include:

• Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight HealthCare. Here, she was responsible for the management and strategic direction of the managed care division.
• Penelope has served as the Corporate Vice-President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. Here she was helpful in development and implementation of the company’s health model.
• Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health

Dr. Richard Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto is not only the M.D. to InnovaCare but also the Chief Executive Officer. He has slightly over 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare in managed care. Dr. Richard has been the president of InnovaCare since 2008.
Some of the roles Dr. Shinto served before joining InnovaCare include:
• Dr. Shinto served as CEO of Aveta Inc.
• He also served as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California
• As the Chief Operating Officer and Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company.
• The doctor also served as Corporate Vice-President of Medical Management for MedPartners

You need to have a Medicare cover on as it will act as a backup plan in case of any emergency that will require medical attention. Medicare Advantage Plans are recommended to everyone as they cover all Medicare Services.