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Christopher Burch is a successful entrepreneur and investor with 40 years’ experience in the industry. He founded the Burch Creative Capital and became its CEO. He began his entrepreneurial occupation while still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Bob they co-founded the Eagle’s Eye apparel with Burch investing 2000 dollars. Later on, they sold the business to Swire Group after growing it into a 165 million-dollar business. Shortly after the purchase, Mr. Burch invested in Internet Capital Group becoming one of the first investors of the renowned IPO story into the internet space. Refer to for additional article.

As a sequential entrepreneur, he has a deep business background and invested in different industries including technology real estate and fashion industries. He mostly relied on his ability to identify and find the relationship between innovation and implementation. This substantially contributed to his success as an investor. He intuitively understood customer behavior in relation to his experience in operating superior sourced infrastructure and direct-to-consumer channels.  To read his shared insights and views on matters around his area of focus, hit on this.

Christopher Burch has invested in various domestic and international real estate projects which include the development of luxury homes in different areas such as Southampton’s, Palm Beach, Nantucket, and Florida. Related article on  He also partnered with Philippe Stark an architect and Allan Faena an hotelier in Argentina to rejuvenate an underutilized piece of land into the Faena Hotel +Universe. He obtained the Nihiwatu a luxury resort in Indonesian Island of Sumba in 2012. It took him 3 years and an investment amounting to 30 million Dollars to expand and renovate it into a five-star Nihi Resort which was reopened under the leadership of the creative marketer and legendary hotelier James McBride. A year after opening it was listed amongst the top 100 prestigious resorts of Travel and Leisure publication. It was also voted number one resort in the world in 2016 and 2017 consecutively.   Read more about the luxury resort, check

In 2011, he launched C. Wonder a home decor, apparel and accessories retailer which was later purchased by Xcel Brands. Later in 2014, he publicly announced a joint venture with Ellen DeGeneres, an entertainer, to launch her lifestyle brand ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Later the same year, he instigated Cocoon9, luxury homes with stylish architectural finishes, space-saving floor plans, and modernized designs. The three companies; ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu, joined Christopher’s group of adopted brand portfolio which includes TRADEMARK, a women’s accessories brand, Poppin an office supply business and Bur+Mah a hospitality sourcing business.  For an overview of his diverse investments, click  Christopher Burch was among the board members of Rothman Institute and also served as president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He has also greatly contributed in funding research and several philanthropic projects.

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Chris Burch’s Fantasy Island Resort

Christopher J. Burch is a man who is primarily known for his highly esteemed and widely sought after venture capital firm, Burch Creative Capital, a company dedicated to investing into new, cutting-edge and globally scaling business ideas. Mr. Burch is also very well known for his numerous magazine appearances, such as in Forbes, detailing his fiscal success and his sizable independent investments with companies such as the global financial services company, Guggenheim Partners and the designer fashion company C. Wonder (which Burch also founded). For his latest cool contribution to the market, hit on 

Despite his obvious talents Mr. Burch,  the insightful tech and fashion theorist and billionaire, does not seem like the kind of guy to be jumping head first into such divergent markets as real estate – but that is precisely what he has recently done with the creation of a massive beach-side hotel and resort amidst the tranquil beauty of Indonesia. The resort, known as Nihiwatu, is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was developed by Burch alongside the hotelier, James McBride. According to reports the resort cost a grand total of $ 30 million to build (to say nothing of upkeep!). Check for related article.

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What is truly astonishing about the verdant and blissful retreat is not that it was built so efficiently nor so beautifully by a man who had previously only had experience as an investor and a fashion designer, but rather that it has become such a resounding success story. In 2016 the Nihiwatu resort was named “The Best Hotel In The World,” by the lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure.   More to read here.  When asked in numerous publication interviews what the key to hotel success was, Mr. Burch replied that it was all about location and aesthetic, that if the look and feel isn’t right it just won’t work – he noted the ability to build spas underneath natural waterfall formations as a key attraction. Also according to Mr. Burch himself, the resort is so nice that he splits his time equally between his homes in Miami, The Hamptons and Nihiwatu where he has taken up semi-permanent residence – and with all that sun and dazzling surf, who wouldn’t?

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