Chris Burch Hires An Amazing Chef For A Party In The Hamptons

Chris Burch believes when you decide to have a party in the Hamptons you must pull out all the stops including the cocktails, the tablescape, and definitely the food. This was the reason his search for the perfect caterer for his summer event led him to Andrés Morataya. The Panamanian chef has an amazing grill approach that is beach friendly. Chef Morataya has a restaurant in Panama known as Panga. The farm-to-table establishment offers the creation of unique dining experiences that far exceed the plate.

When Andrés Morataya opened his first restaurant with his wife he originally believed he would be unable to purchase the equipment required due to financial restraints. It was those restraints that opened a new path for chef Morataya and led to his exploration of a new way to cook. He refers to this as back to basics. Chef Morataya built the grills at his restaurant and Chris Burch’s residence with driftwood and bricks from scratch. In October, his unique concept and style will be present at Nihi Sumba Island which is Chris Burch’s Indonesian resort. Chef Morataya admits even when he has modern equipment he still limits himself to engage his creativity.  Refer to for related article.

Chris Burch is best known as the successful entrepreneur who created Burch Creative Capital, visit its website, check on  He has invested in various industries for the last forty years and risen to the top of luxury brands and technology. Chris Burch was always meant to be an entrepreneur. When he was still attending college in 1976 he founded his first business with the help of his brother. His unique abilities and careful planning brought him unusual success and his understanding of consumers was fire to the fuel. Chris Burch has additionally made many successful real estate ventures both domestically and internationally. More to read about him on

The homes and hotels developed by Chris Burch are luxurious, creative, and incredibly popular. He spends part of his time living at the resort he built on one of the Indonesian islands called Sumba. He has been involved with the retail of home décor, accessories, and apparel through his launch of C. Wonder which he eventually sold to Xcel Brands.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on   He partnered with Ellen DeGeneres with her ED lifestyle brand has been a pioneer in prefab homes with sophisticated finishes and modern appeal. He has touched on the industries of organic foods, technology, and hospitality as his success continued to grow. His career has been built on his experience and intelligence.  For insights and views from him, hop over to this.

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