Fabletics of Mrs. Claire

Kate Hudson says right off the top that she is the lazy girl who does not want to do diva changes, but she is the girl that wants to get to the gym and work out. She is the girl who wants to look sexy at the gym, and she wants to look sexy when she leaves the gym. She made her own clothing line for girls to wear to the gym, and she started Fabletics to make that happen.
Kate is taking it even further, and she talked to Marie Claire about something she is calling athleisure. Athleisure is going to make it easy for woman to go to and from the gym during the day, and it is going to help them look hot even if they are going out right after they leave the gym. Women who do not need to go home for hours to get ready can throw on their clothes in the gym when they pack up the athleisure that is made by Fabletics.

Fabletics is a really simple clothing line that women can wear in basic colors. They will show off the great work they have done on their lower bodies when they are wearing tights and shorts from Fabletics, and the dresses from Fabletics go over that. There is a little black dress, and there are some basic jersey products that women can wear to go on a date.

There is no reason to waste extra time in the day to get ready when a woman can wear her Fabletics clothes under the Fabletics dress that she has. There is a lot more in the line that is going to make them look good, and women are going to love the fact that they can wear everything from the same line.

Fabletics is a line that comes in enough sizes to fit all women, and it helps women who have curves fit just as well as women who are very slender. The colors in the line make women look great, and everything goes together because it all comes from the same line. Changing out of the clothes at the gym into something nice is impossible because it take too long, and the lazy girl like Kate Hudson admits that she does not want to go home for hours to get ready.

Fabletics has created athleisure to make sure that women will look amazing, and they will make it even easier to get ready to look presentable on the town. Women can go to dinner, get a drink and even on a first date in something from Fabletics that is sexy. Fabletics will make any woman look amazing without wasting hours of her life.

U.S. Money Reserve Is The Top Home To Gold Coins


Philip N. Diehl became the President of U.S. Money Reserve after having run the U.S. Mint as its Director. Needless to say, Diehl has long proved he is an expert in the world of coins. On the EPN podcast channel, Diehl discussed gold coin investing. In addition to discussing his biography at length, Diehl revealed by investing in gold coins is so popular among so many.

Following the direction of others guides the decisions of people interested in investing their money. News reports about possible declines in the stock market along with the potential devaluation of currencies lead many who seek alternative investment strategies. Gold remains a solid option many explore. Some have put tremendous amounts of capital into gold vehicles. These speculators are not alone. Diehl points out banks and world governments are buying up a lot of gold. The “average person” with a small amount of capital to invest sees these movements and feels they are wise to mimic.

One thing is worth noting here. Regardless of the motivation behind an investment strategy, that strategy has to be a wise approach. Philip Diehl does present numerous reasons why gold coins are smart acquisitions. For one, coins are legal tender provided they are minted by a legitimate entity. The bulk of the coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve are made by the United States Mint. It goes without saying this would indicate the gold coins are definitely legitimate.

Sadly, a number of investors have been duped by counterfeiters. It is easier to fool someone with bars and bullion. Testing the purity level is the only way to determine the legitimacy of those assets. With legal tender, ascertaining whether or not the items or real requires very little effort.

The entire interview with Diehl is very enlightening. All those thinking about putting some money in gold coins should listen to the recording.

Thor Halvorssen Leads Human Rights Foundation

As an independent, unbiased organization, the Human Rights Foundation advocates and safeguards individuals rights worldwide, with a spotlight on closed societies. The Human Rights Foundation encourages individuals to preserve human rights while fostering freedom and equality. The scope of the agenda that the foundation promotes focuses on individual’s rights mandated at the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

It brings awareness about human rights through educational programs that discuss what factors decide a free society, why freedom is essential and how freedom is fashioned, enacted, and maintained.

The Human Rights Foundations considers all people eligible and empowered to live as they choose and speak freely. Individuals can choose to worship without remorse and have the right to buy and sell land. Individuals shall be able to have passage unabated from their native homeland. Everyone is protected equally and guaranteed due process. Individuals shall be able to assemble and take part in civic and government activities. Individuals are free from boundaries imposed by exile, detainment and shielded from the ravages of slavery.

Thor Halvorssen is recognized around the world as an advocate for people’s rights. He established the Human Rights Foundation, an organization with a focus on global civil rights and freeing individuals that are detained as political prisoners.

Not limited to the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen established the Oslo Freedom Forum, a “spectacular human-rights festival… on its way to becoming a human-rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum,” according to The Economist.

The cause of human rights is not just an ideology for Thor Halvorssen, it’s something that is close to his heart. His Father, in 1993, was wrongly accused, imprisoned and assaulted inside a Venezuelan jail. Human rights groups worked relentlessly negotiating his release. In 2004, his Mother suffered gunshot woods from government agency’s while attending a peaceful assembly.