FreedomPop Is Reshaping the Cell Service World

In today’s world, cellphones are necessary to success in today’s world. The problem is most cell phone service providers are aware of this and their prices reflect that knowledge. The more minutes one uses or the more data one needs the more expensive one’s plan. That is unless one turns to FreedomPop, a company determined to upset the cellular and data world.


Granted, anyone who hears the words, “free cellphone service,” is likely to believe there’s a catch. The simple truth is FreedomPop does indeed offer free cell phone service without the messiness of cancellation fees or contracts. The plan includes 200 minutes, unlimited text and 500MB of 4G data. The free service is only for twelve months, but then few people will balk at paying less than ten dollars a month.


FreedomPop does consider that people’s needs vary from month to month. For that reason, they allow their customers to download software, take surveys and invite friends to gain more data. In addition, one can purchase more data at a grand price of two cents per minute. With options like these, it’s easy to see why FreedomPop is disrupting the world of cellphone service providers and that’s just the beginning.


People who choose FreedomPop can choose from various affordable plans such as unlimited talk or they can opt for the WiFi calling option. Better yet, individuals interested in affordable Internet or mobile data will find FreedomPop provides a free service plan for them as well. If one needs more than 500 MBs of data, they can select between the Pro 500MB plan at $3.99 a month or Premium 2G at $19.99 a month. Needless to say, FreedomPop is going a long way to reshaping the cell service world.


Still, most people will probably question why FreedomPop is willing to offer not only affordable plans but also free services. According to the article, FreedomPop Review: Free 4G Wireless Internet Access Can Help You Save On Your Cell Phone Bill, the company’s mission is to provide everyone with fast Internet at no cost. Even their paid services reflect that desire. To that end, the company not only provides affordable service but also equally affordable devices such as USB sticks, hubs and cell phones. At this rate, FreedomPop will indeed succeed in their mission and rewrite the cell phone service world.

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Reviews are created to bring awareness to the masses about a particular service or product, so creating a FreedomPop review will do the same exact thing. There is a lot to know about the company FreedomPop because they’ve added one service after another to make their company great. Their highest rated service is probably the unlimited everything service plan that comes with talk, text, and data. Since the cost of the FreedomPop services only $19.99 with 1 GB of 4G LTE data, it’s something that many people choose because it’s so low in cost and is at least $30 less than the competition’s services.

With some people paying as much as $100 or more for a similar service, FreedomPop wins when comparing service prices. The data speeds will slow down to 3G speeds after all of the 4G data is completely used up, but anyone can buy additional 4G data for the price tag of five dollars per gigabyte. Those looking to spend even less for cell phone service should try the unlimited plan for $10.99 that comes with unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data. Wi-Fi can always be used to get more data on this plan.

Another plan that is completely free is the free service plan from FreedomPop, which is their staple and has been around as long as a company has been open for business. The free service plan does have limits that need to be observed, such as the 200 minutes of talk time with 200 MB of data. The text messages for the free service is now unlimited, but the user will need data to send every text message, which can easily eat up the 200 MB that is allotted for the service.

Since Wi-Fi can be obtained in many different ways, anyone who feels they aren’t getting enough data from their free service plan or the paid plan can always find a way to utilize Wi-Fi service, even if it means getting the service directly from FreedomPop for five dollars per month. Since FreedomPop has their own Wi-Fi application with over 10 million hotspots, anyone who wants to constantly be able to connect to Wi-Fi in many different places can choose to get the service to help extend their data usage on any phone that they are using. FreedomPop also allows most kinds of GSM phones on their network.

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Why FreedomPop is Quickly Growing as a Company

The telecommunications industry has changed a lot. Among the major changes that have occurred in the telecommunications industry is that the home phone service has become rarely sought after. Many people have left behind the home phone for their mobile phone because of the services that mobile service providers offer. The only issue is that people have to pay to use the mobile phone services. Recently, FreedomPop has capitalized on the market and provided further changes to the mobile industry. FreedomPop offers service for free. The only way to take advantage of that in the United States is to use a product that is connected to Sprint and has been used for a while. However, FreedomPop also sells refurbished items with an actual new item on the way.

Recently, FreedomPop has received funds according to an article released on RCR Wireless. The company has received millions of dollars in VC funding. This money has been received with the purpose of fueling expansion plans for both domestic territories and international territories. This also allows the company to operate independently as a mobile provider for people who are looking for service to use either for free or a small price.

Fortunately, with the help of some funding, FreedomPop was able to maintain its current status. For one thing, the owner of the company is not ready to give up the company.

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