My Father’s Babies

The kids and I went to visit my father yesterday while joining him for dinner for the first time in months. While my father and I sat on the deck and watched the kids play with his three dogs, we were able to finally have a heart to heart conversation. It was way over due. Unfortunately our conversation was ended as my five year old dumped out an entire bag of Beneful dog food. As I was cleaning up I joked around with my dad about still using this brand. He has used Purina Beneful since I can even remember. Mainly because it is a good price and the dogs have always loved the dry food and treats that they make. My dad is a sucker for his dogs, so anything they like he will buy bulk of.

The only other time I have seen him buy something different on walmart is when his oldest dog Sheba had gotten sick from drinking out of a mud puddle. As soon as she got sick, my dad went out and bought a bunch of Freshpet’s refrigerator meals. The reason he bought this brand is because it was made out of fresh ingredients which meant all organic. My dad is definitely not a health nut, but for that week he became one for Sheba’s sake. Surprisingly him feeding Sheba Freshpet and keeping her inside unless she had to go out to use the bathroom, she became better after just eight days. Normally the outcome is not good for dogs that catch diseases from mud puddles.

The first things she got actually was brand new bag of Beneful treats that she devoured in just a moments time. Being that she is the oldest dog of his, he always pampers her even when she is not sick. The other dogs are spoiled as well, but when it comes to sleeping in dads bed, Sheba has the hot spot. When she passes, Callie will be next in line to snuggle in bed next to my dad. To him, the eldest is the one who gets first dibs on car rides and sleeping arrangements.