Adam Milstein Talks about His Failures in Real Estate

Adam Milstein is the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is a community leader, real estate investor, and active philanthropist. Adam is married to Gila, and the couple has been blessed with three daughters. The couple is also blessed with three granddaughters. Adam Milstein is a native Israel who worked in the IDF and graduated in 1978 from the Technion. Milstein migrated to the US in 1981 where he graduated from the USC with an MA in entrepreneurship.

Adam embarked on real estate career after graduating from USC. The Hager Pacific Properties is a private commercial real estate investment company that manages and owns an array of industrial and commercial real estate all over the US. Adam is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein established the Israel-American Council together with other stakeholders. He sits on boards of several organizations such as Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, and AIPAC Network Council.

Adam talks about his business failures

Adam opened up about his career and entrepreneurial journey in an interview with ideamensch. When asked about the failures he has made as an entrepreneur during the meeting, Adam said that he regrets wanting to make it big time within a short time. He also admits to having put everything he had in one venture with the hope that he was going to strike gold. Adam advises entrepreneurs that the way to make it in business is a long way and not the quick way. Adam shared his experience at school during the interview where he was selling art to temples in Israel, and they were selling well. He then decided to buy vast amounts of stock, but they did not go well as he had planned; therefore, the stock took time to sell. Milstein notes that he should not have tried to make a fortune overnight.

Adam’s inspiration

Adam said that he derives inspiration from his partner, David Hager. He notes that David is smart and he uses psychology, which influences Adam’s thinking. Adam also indicates that David views the world and economic affairs in a good way. Besides, he is a great thinker and is always two steps ahead. Milstein recommends other entrepreneurs and the community to read a book by Dana Perino known as And the Good News.

Town Residential, a Fast-developing Residential Brokerage Company

Since its inception six years ago, Town Residential Company has grown to become one of the prominent and successful firms in New York. In 2013, this company opened the 10th Manhattan outpost office located in the Meatpacking District. The new workplace brought with it simple access to a crucial swath of suburban neighborhoods along the Hudson as well as an amazing helping of sexiness. Additionally, it was designed to the benefit of brokers following its position in the city.


Town Residential rented the whole of the well-furnished second floor of 446 W in a 15-year deal. The office space measured 7100 square foot. It also featured an amazing 16-foot ceiling that offered entrance to a roof level, on the highest point of the three-storey structure that is private. Additionally, this garrison came with all the style that Mr Heiberger had released with his Town brand. According to him, this outpost would position the brokerage to huge sales in the end.


Services Provided


With an exhilarating foundation, Town Residential has risen to the top of the curve of the most highly rated and luxurious firms that offer real estate services. This company consists of an unparalleled team of employees who work tirelessly to ensure clients get the best and quality services ever. This firm provides a wide array of services ranging from luxury residential sales to leasing of property developments, leasing, sales, marketing, retail and commercial among others. With uncompromising principles and proper leadership, this company has established new and strict standards of excellence within the real estate industry. At the center of the company’s culture is a group of qualified professionals who possess extensive and unsurpassed experience and information regarding the industry.


Accomplishments of the Firm


The unique culture and winning formula that has contributed to Town Residential success and ability to win numerous accolades is its ability to employ town representatives with amazing talents. Some of the accolades this firm has managed to win include the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City and the Best Firm to Work For. With unrivaled support, representatives working for this company are market leaders who offer unparalleled level of expertise and service to their clients. Under the direction of Andrew Heiberger, this company has recorded impressing returns despite economic downturns over the years. This company has played an important role in assisting clients decide on best locations to rent spacious and magnificent houses.


About Andrew Heiberger


Andrew Heiberger is one of the respected and licensed real estate broker and attorney in New York City. He is also the chief executive officer and founder of Town Residential Company. With an extensive experience in real estate, he has been very instrumental in ensuring Town Residential succeeds.