A Look At Julia Jackson’s Success As A Wine Brand Spokesperson

Julia Jackson is the spokesperson for her family’s company, Jackson Family Wines. Their field and winery are located at the Cambria Estate Winery situated in Sonoma. She attended Scripps College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. In order to prepare for her upcoming role as the spokesperson, Julia earned a certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Julia is one of three daughters in the family and is the daughter of Jess Jackson who was a veteran of the wine industry. They have classic brands of wine that is sold across the United States. Julia has said that their company is in the wine business for the long haul so they don’t chase fleeting trends or try to appeal to some specific target demographic, Instead, they offer brands of wine that are timeless with broad appeal. Their company was founded in 1987 and today is headed by her mother.

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Recently, Julia Jackson pointed out that the best Cabernet’s come from Sonoma wine country. Her company offers three brands of wine that has been a hit with wine critics and includes La Joie, Le Désir, and La Joie. Each is a type of Cabernet with different blends and flavor profiles. She said that Sonoma wine is increasingly getting a reputation for offering solid wine choices that appeal to wine drinkers.

As a way in which to give back to the community, Julia established Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This organization gives out $100,000 in donations annually to nonprofits which are inspired by women who have overcome enormous hardships in their lives. Julia has said that in her opinion there are few quality female role models in media which she seeks to overcome through her charity. She also wants to change how male dominated the business world is, including in the world of wine.

The Traveling Vineyard: Fulfillment In Wine

The Traveling Vineyard isn’t a mobile vineyard in the literal sense. It started in 2001 with the goal of making wine tastings a little less formal and a lot more fun. With this vision the dream took shape. The company long since surpassed 1000 Wine Guides in over 40 states and is quickly growing and expanding.

The Traveling Vineyard is in fact an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that mainly sells wine. In essence, it also sells experiences. For you to start earning with the company, you have to first join the company and become a wine guide. As a wine guide you host wine tasting parties and get paid from the sales made during the parties. One also gets paid up to 35% as a marketing fee for the personally generated orders. Payments are made thrice a month on set days.

The Traveling Vineyard has great earning potential and helps hone Entrepreneurial skills as well as develop personal fulfillment. All you need to start is $189 for a success kit which includes wine glasses, carrying case, wine accessories, marketing materials, website and 10 bottles of wine!

It’s interesting because other than making money off of sales, you also get to learn more about wine and have fun meeting new people and organizing the wine tasting events. Many wine guides have highlighted the importance of the networking that Traveling Vineyard has given them. Friendships have been formed and deals have been struck by virtue of meeting a diverse group of people. Time flexibility is also a plus for the Traveling Vineyard because you get to work when you want to. There are those who do it full time, others do it part time while some once in a while. This flexibility is extremely convenient especially for those who have other obligations to focus on.