Mr. Kyle Bass’s Opinions on the World’s Economy

In an interview set to run on fox news, Kyle Bass spoke to Gary Kaminski and Maria Bartiromo about various matters, which were currently affecting the financial world.

• When asked about the negative interest rates in the United States, he said that negatives made sense on paper but not in the actual world. He also noted that the experiment would end horribly, at some point in the future.

• Answering the question, ‘should people should start taking their money out of banks?’ He reckoned that if the banks started charging tax on your deposits, then it would be better to just hold onto your own money.

• In his opinion he said that Hillary was the best choice for president. In relation to what Donald Trump said about a coming recession, he partially agreed with this logic, but with a different reason. He reckons that there is a 50% chance that the US would go into a brief recession, but not because of the slow economic growth.

• When talking about Hillary Clintons’ policies, he said that the drug policy would be better for the buyers. He also said the country might inevitably have to raise personal income taxes, and cut on corporate taxes in order to be competitive in the global market.

• When he was discussing Chinas market crash, Kyle said that they will have to recapitalize their banks. This would involve coming up with the necessary equity. He also said that china was having a crisis similar to the one the United States had undergone. However people were focusing more on the symptoms of the problem, than on the cause.

Mr. Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Investments. He came into the public eye after he successfully predicted and also benefited from the subprime Mortgage crisis. He has also gone on to predict the European sovereign debt crisis, as well as the future of the Japan and Argentinian economies. He graduated from Texas Christian University, with a BA of business administration in finance and real estate finance.

Kyle bass has a history of making one bad call after another, with his mistakes being documented by the media and being followed by the public. His alliances have also been on the wrong side. He has gone on to praise Christina Fernandez, even as she led Argentina into defaulting on their debt for the second time in thirteen years. He was also in business with Chris Kyle whose widow is now involved in a messy lawsuit with one of his subordinates.