Clay Seagall is the man whose ambition and determination has led to the ultimate success of Seattle Genetics. As the founder and CEO of the company, he has employed various strategies to ensure that they are among the best biotech companies in the world; already being the best and largest in Washington.

What does Seattle Genetics do?

Seattle Genetics has been studying and packaging human antibodies into drugs since Siegall founded it in 1998. They combine them with therapy providing an efficient way to kill cancer cells from the inside. This offers a suitable solution to the cancer tragedy that continues to claim millions of lives all over the world. The company shows a unique commitment to research and various marketing strategies. This year, they intend to add two hundred more members to their workforce.

Their chief drug is Adcetris which treats Hodgkin Lymphoma. It’s a type of cancer that affects the lymph system that at times spreads to other organs of the body. If the ongoing expensive tests proved positive, it could mark the takeoff of its sales. They have a goal of becoming a pharmaceutical company that will handle all complexities in the international marketing world. Through their partnership with Takeda, they learned about global markets after which Seagall decided to open another office in Switzerland to enable them to do their international marketing.

Seattle Genetics would not have achieved much without the leadership and guidance of Clay Seagall.

Clay Seagall

When he founded Seattle Genetics, his vision was to transform the lives of individuals who have cancer by developing therapies and drugs that would cater for their numerous unmet needs. He, therefore, created a foundation of scientific research, intensive research and drug development plans combined with an undying passion for helping and treating these patients.

He has seen Seattle Genetics develop antibody-drug conjugates and with the help of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Adcetris has become a brand that is approved in over 65 countries in the world. Under his guidance, they are in the process of advancing a pipeline of proprietary antibody-drug conjugates to treat cancer patients.

Other achievements

Dr. Siegall has received several awards that include the Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. In addition to this, he holds 15 patents and has written for more than 70 publications. He encourages people to grow and learn as much as they can.Clay Seagall’s hard work and dedication to helping Cancer patients are admirable and inspiring. He continues to embrace technology and different strategies to help him achieve his goals.