Fabletics: Overcoming the Odds

Kate Hudson’s decision to launch Fabletics has proved to be a brilliant choice. Unlike other celebrity-owned businesses, Fabletics is thriving on its own merit. Most impressive is the fact that Fabletics jumped into a market dominated by popular powerhouses. Who could’ve guessed that Fabletics would become more popular than Under Armour?

Fabletics succeeded where those companies failed. Fabletics decided to use a subscription mechanic, allowing itself to sell discounted products. Fabletics members get up to 50 percent off on some of the items. Fabletics also introduced an added personalized service, which recommends on-trend outfits that are based on each member’s own style preference.

It’s not easy for anyone to succeed in fashion. While being an award-winning actress did help, Kate Hudson had to create a business model for Fabletics that would succeed. What she realized was a need for affordable and fashionable activewear that would inspire all women.

Making every woman feel good about herself became Hudson’s top mission. After years of designing, Fabletics now offers products for plus-size women. It isn’t about just making plus-size women feel good; it’s about encouraging them to be more active and embrace a healthier lifestyle. All woman of all ages and sizes should be able to take that first healthy step at their own pace.

It’s hard to imagine what would’ve happened if Hudson didn’t spot the underserved market of affordable activewear. Fortunately, she did and Fabletics had a market all to itself for a while. Now that discounters like Target and Wal-Mart are trying to cash in, Fabletics will have to step up its game.

While other celebrities would struggle to do that, it’s no problem for Hudson. She’s worked closely with every department of the company since 2013. She even filmed her own unfiltered commercial for some new products using her own phone.

Throughout the years, Fabletic’s gotten a lot of attention from reviewers of all sorts. While some are negative, it’s usually from bad personal experiences. One reviewer gave her full opinion of Fabletics, and in her words, Fabletics is worth the money spent.

Since becoming a member, she’s bought several items and loved all of them. She was most surprised the quality of their leggings. Fabletic’s leggings can easily rival a pair of leggings from a more expensive brand.