Gregory James Aziz- His Positive Impact In The Growth Of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz has been in the manufacturing sector for a few decades now since he bought the national steel car from Dofasco, he has been keen to make the company the greatest company in North America. National steel car is a company that deals with the production of railroad freight cars. The company has been producing these products for over a hundred years now. National steel car was started in 1912. It was originally formed by the national Industries Inc. Later in 1919, it became a private company. National steel car has a long history of excellence. It is a company that has been able to withstand the challenges that are found in the manufacturing industry. Even with the revolutionization of technology in the current and the last century, National steel car has remained on top. It has adapted well to the changes that have been taking place. The biggest advantage that national steel car has is that it has established a name in the market as a producer of high-quality products. This is a factor that has enabled the company to maintain its clients’ base.



Gregory Aziz’s role in the management of the company has been great. He has been leading the company on a journey that has seen its production capacity improve greatly. National steel car is a leading company in the world for the manufacture of products used by the Railways Corporations in North America. Greg Aziz who is an economist has ensured that the company is able to produce good quality products as well as taking care of the clients’ needs. Greg Aziz studied economics at the University of Western Ontario Canada. He bought national steel car from Dofasco in 19914.



Before Gregory J Aziz joined national steel car, he was working investment banks in New York. He has also worked with Affiliated Foods in its food supply business. The foods business was able to grow and reach international levels. From a small wholesale business, it became a leading importer of fresh foods.


Gregory J Aziz is a leading business figure who is able to combine his entrepreneurial skills and his business studies to come with a strategy that assures businesses of growth. He has been a successful business leader all his life and has managed to help all the business he has been to develop. Click This Link to read more about Greg Aziz.



National Steel car is now an ISO certified company. This means that it has complied with all the production regulations. It is also the winner of TTX SECO awards for 13 consecutive years. These are awards for companies that produce the highest quality products.


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