Honey Birdette Draws A Reaction From Their Advertising And Their Fight For Equality In Marriage

Sixty employees from the Honey Birdette stores were on the streets of Sydney to support marriage equality. The events live stream drew both criticism and support from their customers on Facebook. As the founder of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan was not at all fazed by the mob and was simply pleased with the debate that ensued. She believes everyone has a right to their opinion and that equality within a marriage is a basic right. The inspiration for the mob began when one of the company’s stores was vandalized due to a revealing lingerie poster. Monaghan felt the mob would support equality in marriage and help empower her employees. The company plans to continue their campaign for equality in marriage yet remains undecided about flash mobs in the future.

A stir has resulted in Rundle Mall due to a raunchy lingerie ad. There are two posters on the shop windows for Honey Birdette advertising underwear and one of the model’s nipples can be seen. Some of the consumers are offended by the posters while others view the images as provocative. There is some concern the material may not be suitable for children and the elderly. According to the store’s manager no complaints have been received. The lingerie store has experienced some problems in the past with individuals wanting specific material removed from the store’s windows. Although their posters are explicit many individuals do not believe they are excessive or have gone over the proverbial edge. As one woman said, it was just bosoms and this is a lingerie store. Other passersby admitted the posters did make them take a second look which may have been the intent. The Honey Burdette store located in Rundle Mall has been in the spotlight before and one individuals raunchy is another individual’s lingerie advertisement.