Latest Changes in the Fashion and Technology Industry

The fashion and technology industries have undergone several changes over the years. The changes in one industry affect the other in a way. For instance, the technology industry has become very fashionable. People are now using devices that are better and effective. On the other hand, the fashion industry has embraced technology in most of its activities. Christopher Burch is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world, and he compared the present and past of these fascinating industries.  For an overview of his diverse investments, check

According to Christopher Burch, the boom box was the latest technology in the 1970s.

People who love music were given an opportunity to listen to their favorite stations and tunes. After several years, the cassette deck was invented, replacing the boom box. The cassette deck was better, allowing its users to listen to music on one side and record on the other side. Know his latest cool contribution to the market, check

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In the 1980’s the two cassette technology was introduced into the movie industry, and consumers enjoyed watching their videos. Things got better with time, and in the 90s, the Walkman was invented. This device was more advanced, compared to the rest and consumers could listen to their music in a more personal way. After the invention of the Walkman, technology got better, and a smaller iPod was introduced. The iPod is loved by most of the consumers in the market because it is smaller and more fashionable compared to the other devices used in the past.

The fashion industry has not been left behind. Most of the professionals in the fashion department have decided to embrace the modern and latest technology to make better items for the consumer. These designers are excited that the customers have received the items well. Thanks to the use of technology, the products released by the fashion industry are better in functionality and are created using high standards.

Anouk Wipprecht is one of these fashion designers, and she compared the fashion and technology industry to a playground that is designed for different experiments. According to Anouk, as the professionals dive deeper, they can come up with better and beautiful possibilities.

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Chris Burch is a respected businessman who has made a difference in the lives of many people in the recent times. Burch worked in the industry for over forty years, and he uses his experience to help upcoming entrepreneurs in their business. Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also serves as the CEO of the successful company.

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Honey Birdette Draws A Reaction From Their Advertising And Their Fight For Equality In Marriage

Sixty employees from the Honey Birdette stores were on the streets of Sydney to support marriage equality. The events live stream drew both criticism and support from their customers on Facebook. As the founder of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan was not at all fazed by the mob and was simply pleased with the debate that ensued. She believes everyone has a right to their opinion and that equality within a marriage is a basic right. The inspiration for the mob began when one of the company’s stores was vandalized due to a revealing lingerie poster. Monaghan felt the mob would support equality in marriage and help empower her employees. The company plans to continue their campaign for equality in marriage yet remains undecided about flash mobs in the future.

A stir has resulted in Rundle Mall due to a raunchy lingerie ad. There are two posters on the shop windows for Honey Birdette advertising underwear and one of the model’s nipples can be seen. Some of the consumers are offended by the posters while others view the images as provocative. There is some concern the material may not be suitable for children and the elderly. According to the store’s manager no complaints have been received. The lingerie store has experienced some problems in the past with individuals wanting specific material removed from the store’s windows. Although their posters are explicit many individuals do not believe they are excessive or have gone over the proverbial edge. As one woman said, it was just bosoms and this is a lingerie store. Other passersby admitted the posters did make them take a second look which may have been the intent. The Honey Burdette store located in Rundle Mall has been in the spotlight before and one individuals raunchy is another individual’s lingerie advertisement.

Alexandre Gama’s Great Achievements as an Advertising Professional

     Alexandre Gama is a renowned entrepreneur and great advertising professional based in Brazil. He is renowned for starting one of the leading companies in the Brazilian advertising industry, Neogama.  Alexandre graduated from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in advertising and communications. Shortly after, he joined Ogilvy & Mather, where he worked as a copywriter for 8 years before moving to DM9. He worked with several other advertising agencies before deciding to start his own firm in 1999.

Neogama grew very fast and made it to the top of the industry just a few years after its establishment. Alexandre Gama serves as its CEO and COO. The company has won several awards under the leadership of Alexandre, including the coveted Lion Award at the Cannes Festival in 1999 and in 2003. Alexandre’s instrumental role in the growth and development of the advertising industry in Brazil has not gone unnoticed as he has received several awards over the course of his career. Some of these are the 2006 Agency Director of the Year Award and the 2007 Cabore Award among others.

Alexandre’s expertise in advertising has been of great help to Neogama and to Brazil as a whole. The Brazilian advertising industry has a lot to thank him for. Through his role at Neogama and in the other companies he worked for, he has made a great contribution to the industry.

The Best Hotel Resort in the World!

For the second year in a row, the luxury island resort known as Nihi Sumba Island has been voted as the best hotel in the world by Travel+Leisure, a famous travel magazine. This 5-star hotel, located on the west coast of Sumba, an Indonesian island, has beaten even the Brando, the vacation spot of the former US President, Barack Obama. The resort was bought in 2012 by Christopher Burch, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and James McBride, a famous American bestselling author and musician. They then renovated the land and opened it as Nihiwatu in 2015, although they have since shortened the name to Nihi. The resort features 27 private villas, each with a plunge pool. There are also two, two-story houses located on the resort that are connected via a bamboo bridge. Both houses have a bedroom, bathroom, and a balcony. All one-bedroom villas start at $750 a night, but Burch’s private estate costs around $14,000 a night.  More to read on

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and head of Burch Creative Capital. He is an entrepreneur, and has been an active investor of many businesses for almost forty years. His success streak first started in 1976, when he invested $2,000 into starting Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother, Bob. He went on to invest in several domestic and international real estate properties, and partnered with architect Phillippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena to revitalize an underused area of land in Argentina, developing it into the Faena Hotel + Universe.  Check

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Burch also founded C. Wonder in 2011, an accessories, home décor, and apparel retailer, and sold it to Xcel Brands. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, and launched ED by Ellen DeGeneres, an online clothing store that sells apparel designed by the popular entertainer. In the same year, he also started Cocoon9, a company that sells compact, energy efficient, and quality constructed homes. These homes feature modern designs and smart technology, and can be transported and assembled anywhere in the world. He also funds the development of many lifestyle and consumer product brands, ranging from apparel to organic food industries, such as Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and Soludos.  More detailed info on

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Sheldon Lavin Helps Drive OSI Group’s Success

Sheldon Lavin has kept a steady hand on the reins over the years and has led OSI Group to become the global powerhouse that it is today. They are one of the world’s premier food processors and have a wide range of capabilities to serve their customers. They partner with leading food service and retail brands to produce tasty, high-quality products.

As their CEO since the seventies, Sheldon Lavin watched company flourish under his leadership like few others. His goal was to become a business owner and it was a matter of waiting for the right opportunity. He initially put his accounting and finance background to work with his own consulting business. He worked with a company called Otto & Sons and helped them obtain financing for their first meat processing facility. He continued his involvement with them and was given an opportunity to buy the company which he did. They became the OSI Group.

The vision of Lavin is what propelled OSI Group forward and they became a world class food service provider. They are located in 17 countries and operate more than 70 facilities. With their principal focus in the protein segment, they nevertheless produce other products too. They also offer some baked goods, vegetable based products, and sauces in the following: click here.

Sheldon Lavin credits the spirit of entrepreneurialism for their success. Under his direction, they strive to cultivate a family-like atmosphere where everyone is valued and encouraged to submit original ideas. He also gives credit to the strand of innovation that’s woven throughout the fabric of the company. It has been nurtured during his entire time with the company and his door is always open. Everyone’s voice is heard at OSI Group consequently employees are motivated to make a difference in their company.

The Global Visionary Award is presented by India’s Vision World Academy and it honors those who turn their dreams into reality. Utilizing perseverance and persistence as part of their criteria, they presented the award to Sheldon Lavin in 2016. The Global Visionary Award helps inspire the next generation who’s getting ready to make their mark in the world of business.

Chris Burch’s Fantasy Island Resort

Christopher J. Burch is a man who is primarily known for his highly esteemed and widely sought after venture capital firm, Burch Creative Capital, a company dedicated to investing into new, cutting-edge and globally scaling business ideas. Mr. Burch is also very well known for his numerous magazine appearances, such as in Forbes, detailing his fiscal success and his sizable independent investments with companies such as the global financial services company, Guggenheim Partners and the designer fashion company C. Wonder (which Burch also founded). For his latest cool contribution to the market, hit on 

Despite his obvious talents Mr. Burch,  the insightful tech and fashion theorist and billionaire, does not seem like the kind of guy to be jumping head first into such divergent markets as real estate – but that is precisely what he has recently done with the creation of a massive beach-side hotel and resort amidst the tranquil beauty of Indonesia. The resort, known as Nihiwatu, is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was developed by Burch alongside the hotelier, James McBride. According to reports the resort cost a grand total of $ 30 million to build (to say nothing of upkeep!). Check for related article.

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What is truly astonishing about the verdant and blissful retreat is not that it was built so efficiently nor so beautifully by a man who had previously only had experience as an investor and a fashion designer, but rather that it has become such a resounding success story. In 2016 the Nihiwatu resort was named “The Best Hotel In The World,” by the lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure.   More to read here.  When asked in numerous publication interviews what the key to hotel success was, Mr. Burch replied that it was all about location and aesthetic, that if the look and feel isn’t right it just won’t work – he noted the ability to build spas underneath natural waterfall formations as a key attraction. Also according to Mr. Burch himself, the resort is so nice that he splits his time equally between his homes in Miami, The Hamptons and Nihiwatu where he has taken up semi-permanent residence – and with all that sun and dazzling surf, who wouldn’t?

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Netpicks Understands Full Trade Strategies

The strategy that a person uses to trade will change depending on what is going on in the market. It is not unusual for the trading strategy to change several times throughout a year and it can actually be beneficial to people who are trying to get the most out of the trade deals that they have. Since Netpicks is a professional trading company and they know how to advise people on all of the things that they can do for their trades, it is important for them to show people what they can do in an unstable market. It is also important for people to make sure that they follow the direction of Netpicks so that they will be able to make things better for the people who they are representing with the trades. Useful info on

Currently, there is a market problem. The market is not failing but it is not as foolproof as it was a few months ago. Some traders saw that things were changing and they backed out quickly. They didn’t want to continue doing it and that caused the market to become even more unstable. It was something that made it hard for traders to get the best trade deals possible and also made it hard for the people who were in the area to get the true best experiences. Since Netpicks knew what they wanted to do with the trades, they advised people to do something that wasn’t so uncommon. They advised that people should be buying their trades that were near the support and getting rid of the ones that were a part of the resistance. Helpful tips available on this clips from Traders should also make sure that they quit when the support quits.

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Health and Wellness Screenings with Life Line Screenings

Life Long Screening is the largest company throughout the nation that has screened over eight million people throughout the nation. Life Long Screenings range in a variety of certified professionals who conduct vascular related disease screenings to patients. To ensure accuracy, Life Long Screenings thoroughly review each ultrasound screening and set quality protocols within the company. Life Long Screenings can also perform in a number of screenings such as; high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, along with genetic genes. A wide range of test procedures are done to dig deep into the matter of risk factors and possibly developing risk factors as well. Some ultrasound procedures include, the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta, and measurements of the ankle brachial index. This allows the doctors to know if a patient may be suffering from peripheral vascular disease. There are also many other ultrasounds that Life Long Screenings conduct to assist their patients.

Life Line Screenings is an Austin, Texas based company that was founded in the year of 1993. The company was first founded in Florida by two men name Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips. With such great success in offering more than 500,000 people test screenings, Life Line Screenings dispersed throughout the United Stated by 1998. The company is partnered along with many companies such as; insurance companies, hospitals and organizations. These companies include, Ameriplan, Women in Technology International, MCM Solutions, Heritage Valley Health System, Carolina Vascular, Mission Hospital, and Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. Life Line Screening also provides Wellness Programs by making it cost efficient for businesses and organizations. This organization is to promote health and wellness within companies through educating and empowering them. Life Line Screenings educate through teaching companies the benefits of screening and by engaging with them to provide them with details of their current and future health risks through the screenings. To know more about Life Line Screening click here.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Amazon Running Scared

Maybe it is a little bit of an exaggeration to say that Amazon is running scared, but they may have more to be concerned about this year than ever before. In the last few years, Amazon has been at the front of the pack when it comes to sales of apparel online. Although they own the fashion e-commerce market with 20 percent of all the sales taking place in this space, it might come as a surprise that they do have thousands of competitors in the same space. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to be breaking out from that pack, having sold $250 million in ladies apparel in the last three years.


When you talk to Hudson about the succeeds of her athleisure brand, she will tell you that it is not the lower pricing or higher quality of her active-wear, it is the blending of her member ship perks and reverse show rooming that is taking this company to a whole new level. Let us take a closer look inside one of the Fabletics stores at the mall, and you will see first-hand why her sales have been soaring as of late. Inside the Fabletics store at the mall you will discover women looking for workout apparel, trying on all the active-wear. even taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. No pressure to buy at this store, in fact, it is more about a pampering shopping experience than anything.


Now we look at the action at the Fabletics e-commerce store to see how everything falls into place. The reason this company is starting to gain ground on Amazon in this fashion e-commerce market has to do with perks. First, each item you tried on in the mall gets uploaded to your online account so you can keep shopping exactly where you left off. No more worries about sizing issues, you knew it fit in the mall, so you start looking through the huge online inventory for leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants.


Membership perks don’t end there, you still get free shipping, discounted prices on all active-wear, and even a personal shopper. Your shopper used those quiz answers as a guide to selecting a piece each month for you to buy. Amazon may think they have this section of the market cornered, but if the sales keep increasing at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, they may in fact be running scared as this company takes more business.

Rick Smith’s Leadership at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies as the Chief Executive Officer in 2008. Prior to that, he had worked for different companies, helping them to realize their growth and expansion goals. Under his leadership, the company has managed to provide technology that protects correctional facilities and their neighborhoods. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but has other offices in Allen, Georgia, Carrollton and Atlanta. Rick Smith has ensured the company has capacity to provide solutions responsible for eliminating crimes in the prisons as well as the outside world. Before joining Securus in 2008, Smith was working at Eschelon Telecom Inc. He joined Eschelon in 1998, where he served as CFO for two years. In 2000, Rick was appointed to be the company’s President, a position he served until 2003, when additional responsibilities were added, this time the Chief Executive Officer position.

Successful Growth of Eschelon Under Rick’s Leadership

Rick Smith served as the President and CEO of Eschelon until 2007, and during his tenure, the company recorded massive growth and expansion. When Rick joined the company, its annual revenue was $30 million and by the time he was leaving, the revenue had increased to $350 million. Furthermore, Smith led Eschelon to a successful IPO in 2005.

Rick’s Work at Frontier Corporation

Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corporation, nowadays Global Crossing North America Inc. for more than 20 years. He served at different positions at this company, helping him to amass a wealth of skills and experience in different fields. Some of the departments where Rick Served at Frontier include business development, IT, operations, accounting and finance, as well as executive positions.

Leadership at Securus Technologies

Using his wide experience in the technology industry, Rick Smith has managed to lead the successful operations of Securus. Rick’s objective is to ensure that the company has established a sustainable mechanism that enhances the operations and performance of correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. Securus has provided technology that allows prisoners to keep in touch with the outside world. However, because this technology may be abused by some inmates, Securus has put in place stringent measures to limit chances of abuse. The inmates are able to contact their families through voice and visual calls. This is one way of ensuring that prisons are ready to reform once they are released.

Rick Smith’s Education History

Rick has acquired numerous degrees and professional qualifications. He is a holder of an associate degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. At the University of Rochester, Rick earned his MBA, and his Master’s in Mathematics at State University of New York. He received electrical engineering degree from State University of New York at Buffalo.Also visit his Linkedin account :